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Zimmer® Gender Solutions™ NexGen® High-Flex Implants Because Women and Men are Different zimmer Confidence in your hands'

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It’s all about shape. Women and men are different. That’s not news to the medical establishment. What is news is that Zimmer is first in the orthopaedic industry to address this fact... with the introduction of the Zimmer® Gender Solutions™ NexGen® High-Flex Implants. What makes them revolutionary is the way in which they compensate for the most important differences between women’s and men’s knees. It isn’t strictly a matter of size; it’s a matter of shape. Why a woman’s knee? A growing body of research has led to breakthroughs in distinctive female and male diagnoses and treatments — for...

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“Historically we have shaped the patients to fit the implants. Now we have implants shaped to fit the patients.” Robert E. Booth, Jr., M.D. Pioneering research conducted by Zimmer has mapped the anatomical differences between female and male knees,12,13 laying the foundation for the design and development of Gender Solutions High-Flex Femoral Implants. • Three-dimensional CT data was collected and analyzed for more than 800 femurs and patellas. • Significant differences were identified between female and male knee anatomy. • Plotting M/L and A/P dimensions of the distal femur reveals two...

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It’s all about shape – Modified Anterior Flange Anterior flange thickness Research has shown that the female knee has a less-pronounced anterior condyle than males.2,13 This less-pronounced anterior condyle results in less bone being resected from the female knee: • 0.8mm less on the lateral condyle (p < 0.02).13 • 1.3mm less on the medial condyle (p < 0.01).13 Gender Solutions High-Flex Femoral Implants address the distinctive anterior condyle differences by: • Reducing the anterior flange thickness of the implant. • Recessing the patellar sulcus. • Retaining the clinically successful...

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“Twenty-five years ago TKA femoral components were symmetrical. As we recognized the need to improve patellar tracking, industry responded by offering left and right components. Providing an implant that better accommodates the patellar tracking typical of the female patient is just one of the design innovations that the Gender Solutions NexGen High-Flex Femoral Components offers.” Aaron G. Rosenberg M.D., Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Increased Trochlear Groove Angle Patellar maltracking remains a concern — particularly with females — following total knee arthroplasty.5 Research...

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It’s all about shape – Modified ML/AP Aspect Ratio CT data documents distinctive shape differences in female and male distal femurs.12,13 Female femurs are: • More trapezoidal-shaped. • Narrower in the M/L dimension when compared to a male femur of the same A/P dimension. Female-to-male comparison • The implant may overhang the bone at the distal, anterior, and posterior M/L interfaces, which may lead to soft-tissue irritation and affect soft-tissue balancing.1,3,4 • The surgeon may be faced with intraoperative adjustments to compensate for the overhang. Gender Solutions High-Flex Femoral...

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Traditional implant overhangs female bone Gender Solutions High-Flex Implant on female bone shows little to no overhang Femoral mapping — applying the science To address the issue of overhang in female knee arthroplasty, Zimmer has devised a unique patent pending method for predetermining the contour of a resected bone and the fit of an implant on the bone, and applied this novel method in its development of the Gender Solutions High-Flex Femoral Implant. 1) The three-dimensional inner box shape of the traditional implant is determined. 2) This shape is then extracted… 3) …and unfolded into...

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Zimmer Gender Solutions High-Flex Femoral Implants are specifically designed to alleviate knee pain, restore mobility, and offer optimal fit and functionality. To achieve these goals, Gender Solutions High-Flex Femoral Implants address the distinctive characteristics typically seen with a woman’s knee. Because women and men are different. Gender Solutions NexGen CR-Flex and LPS-Flex • Built upon Zimmer’s 30-years of clinical success with total knee arthroplasty. Gender Solutions NexGen LPS-Flex • Safely accommodates high flexion —up to 155 degrees—for patients with the ability and desire to...

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