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System Complete Knee Solution

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What postoperative range of motion can your TKA patients expect?

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For patients with the ability and desire to perform high-flexion activities, implant design should not limit postoperative range of motion. Now you can offer a NexGen® Complete Knee Solution designed to accommodate resumption of high-flexion daily activities. Attention to patient selection, surgical technique, implant design, and rehabilitation can help enhance the chances for success.

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The anatomy of flexion Many activities of daily living require flexion beyond 120 degrees. Consider climbing stairs (75-140 degrees), sitting in a chair and standing up again (90-130 degrees), or squatting (130-150 degrees).1 The typical pattern of femoral rollback is increased in deep flexion, as the lateral femoral condyle moves even further posteriorly, increasing the amount of rotation. Also, the patella clears the femoral groove completely, contacting only the femoral condyles.2

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Accommodating flexion with the NexGen Legacy LPS-Flex Knee The LPS-Flex Knee extends the NexGen Complete Knee Solution to patients capable of up to 155 degrees of active flexion. Accommodating Deep Flexion Extended posterior condyles on the femoral component facilitate tibiofemoral contact to support deep flexion up to 155 degrees. Conforming geometry of the LPS-Flex femoral component with its articulating surface allows minimal loss of contact area in deep flexion. Providing Extensor Mechanism Clearance RANGE OF MOTION To reduce extensor mechanism tension for the patellar tendon during...

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Providing a full spectrum of NexGen Solutions The LPS-Flex Knee represents a new and distinct choice from the wide selection of NexGen Knees, which are compatible with CR/CS or PS philosophies for primary or revision cases. The LPS-Flex femoral component extends the NexGen Complete Knee Solution to patients capable of up to 155 degrees of active flexion. Now you have the freedom to select the best component combination for a given patient based on preoperative and intraoperative assessment. The deeper anterior flange on the femoral component aids in patellar tracking during extension and...

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LPS-Flex Fixed Bearing Knee The fixed bearing articulating surface mates with current NexGen tibial base plates (available with stem extensions and tibial augments), and employs the same polyethylene dovetail locking mechanism. Tibial component implantation uses existing NexGen instrumentation. LPS-Flex Femur Patella Button LPS-Flex Articular Surface Precoat Stemmed Plate A/P Wedge Stemmed Baseplate (Precoat) Fluted Stemmed Baseplate (Non-coated) Modular Tibial Augments Straight and Offset Stem Extensions Enabling Success The LPS-Flex Knee allows use with the NexGen instrument system of...

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References 1. Niwa S. Hyperflexion in Japanese knee replacement design and clinical results. Paper presented at: The Wellington Knee Surgery Unit’s Eighth International Teaching Meeting; March 5-6, 1998; London, England. For more information about NexGen LPS-Flex Knee, contact your Zimmer representative. World Headquarters — Zimmer, Inc., 1800 West Center Street, Warsaw, IN 46580, U.S.A. Regional Headquarters — Zimmer Pty. Ltd., Zimmer Division, Unit 1/1 Skyline Place, Frenchs Forest, N.S.W. 2086 Australia Zimmer of Canada Limited, 2323 Argentia Road, Mississauga, Ontario...

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