NexGen LPS-Flex Mobile and LPS Mobile Bearing Knee


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Zimmer® NexGen® LPS-Flex Mobile and LPS-Mobile Bearing Knees Designed for rotation and safe high flexion

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Exercise your options so your patients can exercise theirs Help restore natural knee kinematics and accommodate up to 155° of active flexion with the NexGen LPS-Flex Mobile and 120° of active flexion with LPS-Mobile Bearing Knee. An innovative more anterior axis of rotation for the tibial component is designed to accommodate femoral rollback during flexion. MINIMALLY INVASIVE SOLUTIONS™ Procedures Accommodating Safe Flexion to 155° of flexion MIS implants and procedures offer solid alternatives to traditional total knee arthroplasty through innovative, minimally invasive TKA techniques that...

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A deepened patellar groove facilitates patellofemoral tracking throughout the full range of motion for greater patellar stability. / Designed for deep flexion • The extended posterior flanges of the LPS-Flex femoral component safely accommodate tibiofemoral contact during deep flexion of 155°. Smooth patellar tracking • A deepened patellar groove relieves pressure on the patella, reducing forces that can cause premature wear. • At the surgeon’s discretion, the patella need not be resurfaced. Reducing wear A wider intercondylar opening optimizes rotation. The LPS-Flex and LPS femoral...

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ANTERIOR LOCATION OF TRUNNION Replicates the anatomical center of rotation. A central trunnion allows rotation only while resisting lift-off without direct AP translation. The Mobile Tibial Plate allows internal/external total axial rotation of 50°. Tibial Base Plate Anterior stop prevents spin-out. Reducing articular friction • Radiused edges reduce stresses that can lead to polyethylene wear. • Allowing only unidirectional, rotational motion potentially reduces cross-shear and consequent wear.3 USING YOUR CHOICE OF ZIMMER INSTRUMENTS • MIS NexGen Multi-Reference® 4-in-1 Instrumentation...

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