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ZIMMER BIOMET Your progress. Our promise? Tourniquet Systems A Personal Focus, A Personalized Fit

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Personalized Pressure™ Technology The only tourniquet system on the market with a calculated response for Personalized Pressure Technology. No two patients are the same – that’s why our market-leading tourniquet system treats every patient with precise, Personalized Pressure Technology. The Zimmer® A.T.S.® 4000 Tourniquet System doesn’t just stop blood flow; we strive to personalize pressure for the patient by delivering the minimum tourniquet pressure at a specific time, with a specific cuff, for a specific patient limb. Personalized Pressure Technology can help OR Staff choose a more...

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A.T.S.® Contour and Reuseable Cuffs Versatility and flexibility for both the OR staff and the patient A.T.S.® Contour Cuffs • Designed to Fit Most Adult Patients for arm, thigh, lower leg and Bier Block (IVRA) applications • Unique, Proprietary Pivoting Straps with contour design adjust to a wide range of limb shapes and sizes, including conically shaped limbs • Slim, Low-Profile Design provides superior fit and performance on tapered limbs 4 • Wider Than Other Cuffs to help provide improved application of pressure to the operative limb. Durable and easily cleaned for multiple uses 9 in. –...

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A.T.S.® Disposable Cuffs Low profile, high performance These durable, latex-free sterile cuffs are designed and manufactured to ensure enhanced performance and patient comfort, while providing single use convenience. The wide variety of color-coded sizes makes it easy to meet even the most demanding procedural needs. • 90-Degree Ports help keep hoses clear of the surgical site • Contact Closures and Fasteners hold the cuff securely in position by virtually eliminating rolling and twisting • Single/Dual Port Options allow for use with any A.T.S. tourniquet regulator • No Cleaning, no...

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Specially designed to complement Zimmer Biomet cuffs and protect the patient from skin wrinkling and pinching. Zimmer Biomet limb protection sleeves have been found to be more effective at eliminating wrinkles and pinches in the skin surface as well as reducing the chance of folding or wrinkling of material under the cuff during application when compared to four-layer stockinet and conventional cast padding.7 8 inch Cuff Sleeve 60800000800 12 inch Cuff Sleeve 60800001200 18 inch Cuff Sleeve 60800001800 24 inch Cuff Sleeve 60800002400 30 inch Cuff Sleeve 60800003000 34 inch Cuff Sleeve...

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Single Port, Single Bladder, PLC, Box of 10 60755500100 12 DPDB Reusable Cuff (without sleeve) 60755500200 18 DPDB Reusable Cuff (without sleeve) 60755500300 24 DPDB Reusable Cuff (without sleeve) Single Port, Single Bladder, PLC, Box of 1 8 SPSB Reusable Cuff (without sleeve) 12 SPSB Reusable Cuff (without sleeve) 18 SPSB Reusable Cuff (without sleeve) 24 SPSB Reusable Cuff (without sleeve) 30 SPSB Reusable Cuff (without sleeve) 34 SPSB Reusable Cuff (without sleeve) 42 SPSB Reusable Cuff (without sleeve) Extra SM Adult Reusable Cuff (with sleeve) Small Adult Reusable Cuff (with...

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References 1. Olivecrona C, Ponzer S, Hamberg P, Blomfeldt R. Lower Tourniquet Cuff Pressure Reduces Postoperative Wound Complications After Total Knee Arthroplasty. Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery; 94; 221621 2. Worland, RL; Arredondo, J; Angles, F; Lopez-Jimenez, F; Jessup, DE: Thigh pain following tourniquet application in simultaneous bilateral total knee replacement arthroplasty. J Arthroplasty. 12(8):848 – 52,1997. 3. Noordin S, McEwen JA, Kragh JF Jr, Eisen A, Masri BA. Surgical tourniquets in orthopaedics. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2009 Dec;91(12):2958-67. 4. Younger ASE, McEwen JA,...

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