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Locked plating constructs are creating a challenge for surgeons. Three recent studies examining supracondylar femur fractures show concern for the high degree of stiffness of locked plating constructs and report nonunion rates as high as 23%.1,2,3 While it is true that a plating construct needs to be strong enough to support the damaged bone while the fracture heals, it is also true that too much stiffness forces the body to heal through osteonal or primary/direct healing.3 Primary healing requires nearly-perfect anatomic reduction and rigid compression for absolute stability, as well as a...

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MotionLoc Technology answers that challenge with controlled movement. Zimmer is using far cortical locking technology as a strategy to reduce the stiffness of a locked plating construct without losing construct strength. MotionLoc Technology generates parallel motion at the fracture site through elastic exion of the screws to actively promote secondary bone healing circumferentially across the entire fracture gap. Concept: MotionLoc screws lock in the plate and the far cortex of diaphyseal bone. MotionLoc screws have a reduced diameter mid-shaft to bypass the near cortex. Under load, the...

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Observational study demonstrates faster and stronger healing with MotionLoc Technology. Thirty-one consecutive patients with 33 distal fractures (AO/OTA types 33 A-C) were prospectively enrolled at three trauma centers. Thirty-one fractures were available for follow-up until union or revision. Patients were followed up for a minimum of 1 year with functional and radiographic assessment obtained at post-operative weeks 6, 12 and 24, including a computed topography scan at week 12. In total, 125 MotionLoc screws were used in the study. None of them broke or lost xation and only one of the...

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MotionLoc xation in 76-year-old female patient weighing 157 kg Pre-Op Figure 6: Durability of xation in presence of excessive weight-bearing in an ambulating patient with a body mass index of 56, weighing 157 kg. 6 Periosteal Callus Size Periosteal Callus Distribution Circumferential Periosteal Callus Figure 7: Periosteal callus assessment: A) Average size of projected periosteal callus area at the medial, anterior, and posterior aspects. B) Periosteal callus distribution, shown to scale for different time points and locations. Percentages refer to the distribution of callus at a specic...

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Why MotionLoc Technology? Get your answer straight from these surgeons. “I have continued to use MotionLoc because of the clinical results I have seen thus far. I have been impressed with the early callus formation, the overall rate of union, and patient satisfaction. I would recommend MotionLoc to other physicians as a valuable tool, if they are having difculties in getting fractures of the distal femur to heal reliably or are experiencing issues with implant failure due to nonunion.” – Chinedu Nwosa, MD Des Moines, IA “With MotionLoc I’m seeing healing not only at a faster rate, but also...

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Patient One Information • 89-year-old female, 152 lbs. • Ground Level fall • Comminuted supracondylar periprosthetic femur fracture She was treated with an NCB Periprosthetic Distal Femur Plate, NCB Cancellous screws, and MotionLoc screws. Follow up x-rays were taken at 24 weeks post-op and show circumferential callus bridging across the fracture site. Patient Two Information • 58-year-old male • Motorcycle accident • Multiple extremity injuries The patient was treated with the NCB straight-narrow plate and MotionLoc screws. Follow-up x-rays were taken at 6 weeks post-op and show...

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For further information, please contact your Zimmer sales representative. Personal Fit Renewed Life!"

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