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Your Circle of Confidence

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Color Coding For easy size identification. High Performance Zimmer Sterile Disposable Cuffs are designed and manufactured to ensure performance while providing single-use convenience. A comprehensive offering provides multiple options to help the clinician meet patient needs. The following features can help you create "Your Circle of Confidence." 90 Degree Ports Help keep hoses clear of the surgical site. Protection Sleeves Specially designed to compliment Zimmer cuffs and to protect the patient from soft tissue damage.

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Disposable No cleaning, no cross contamination — just discard after use. Single/Dual Bladder Options Offers clinicians convenient choices for cuff style and sizing. Single bladder cuffs available in all sizes. Dual bladder cuffs available in selected sizes for use with intravenous regional anesthesia (IVRA or Bier Block)^^^*^^^ procedures. Positive Locking Connectors* Help prevent unintentional detachment from regulator hoses. Cuffs with Luer Lock connectors also available High Quality Material Latex-free and durable, manufactured to withstand any procedural demand. Low Profile Design Slim...

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Limb Protection Sleeves1 FOR A.T.S. DISPOSABLE AND REUSABLE CYLINDRICAL CUFFS [BOX 10] • No cross contamination risk • Durable, high quality material • Single and dual bladder options • Single and dual port options A.T.S. Sterile Disposable Cuffs DUAL PORT, SINGLE BLADDER [BOX 10] Without SleeveWith SleeveSize 60-7070-10160-7070-1518 in. (20cm) 60-7070-10260-7070-15212 in. (30cm) 60-7070-10360-7070-15318 in. (46cm) 60-7070-10460-7070-15424 in. (61cm) 60-7070-10560-7070-15530 in. (76cm) 60-7070-10660-7070-15634 in. (86cm) 60-7070-10760-7070-15742 in. (107cm) DUAL PORT, DUAL BLADDER [BOX 10]...

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