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Zimmer® Patient Specific Instruments

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The fit you can feel Zimmer® Patient Specific Instruments streamline total knee replacement surgery by ensuring accurate and reproducible guide fixation. Our proprietary stabilizing features enhance guide fixation while ensuring the end surgical result matches your preoperative plan. Based on the patient’s MRI, mechanical axis-based pin guides conform precisely to the patient’s anatomy. Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments simplify the total knee process from start to finish without compromising your surgical decision making, surgical technique, or intraoperative flexibility. Zimmer Patient...

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Surgeon controlled customization The Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments Planner is the next generation in surgical planning. Preoperatively, the surgeon can view the patient’s anatomy in its purest geometrical form to develop a customized surgical plan for each patient. Preoperative determinations include: • Implant Selection • Implant Size • Resection Depth • Posterior Slope • Femoral Rotation Reduced instrumentation solution Through preoperative determinations, Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments can facilitate a reduction in conventional instrumentation requirements. Fewer instruments...

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Mechanical axis alignment Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments are based upon the clinically proven principles of mechanical axis alignment. Alignment in total knee arthroplasty remains a crucial factor in the function and longevity of the replacement joint. Studies demonstrate that malalignment causes increased wear of the implant and premature failure of the construct.1 Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments combine advancements in instrument technology with proven orthopaedic alignment principles to help ensure surgeon and patient success. Revolutionary instruments with revolutionary...

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