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Patient Specific Instruments Surgical Technique

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Patient Specic Instruments Surgical Technique Introduction General Considerations • Zimmer® Patient Specic Instruments (PSI) are not designed for use with the Zimmer MIS Quad-Sparing™ Total Knee Procedure. Zimmer PSI should be used in conjunction with a femur rst technique. Verify stability and fixation of all pins. When securing the conventional cutting guides, avoid the use of spring pins as these may cause stress / unwanted shift on the cutting guide.

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Patient Specic Instruments Surgical Technique Persona® The Personalized Knee System Patient Specific Instruments Surgical Technique Table of Contents Femoral Technique Tibial Technique

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Femoral Technique Femoral Technique Position Femoral Pin Guide • Do not remove osteophytes from the femur. • Position the Pin Guide on the distal femur (Fig. 1). • Pin Guide will be captured by the anterior ridge of the femur. • The epicondylar axis and A/P axis reference lines on the Pin Guide can be used to assess alignment. • Apply posterior pressure to the Pin Guide and verify secure fit. Drill and Pin the Anterior Pin Holes • Drill and pin the anterior medial and lateral pin holes of the Pin Guide using the Universal Disposable Drill (2001-00-000) (Fig. 2). Drill Distal Pin Holes •...

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Femoral Technique Place Distal Cut Guide and Cut Femur • Remove the Pin Guide by sliding it off the pins, leaving the anterior pins in the bone. • Secure the Persona® 0° Captured / Uncaptured Cutting Head (42-5099-010-00). • Verify the distal resection on the medial and lateral side with a resection guide. Check alignment if desired, and make the cut (Fig. 4). TECHNIQUE TIP When performing the cuts, excessive force (considering the pressure being applied to the guide) on the medial or lateral side of the cut guide could influence the amount of varus/valgus in the cut. If more fixation is...

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Tibial Technique Tibial Technique Position Tibial Pin Guide • Remove the meniscus. • Do not remove osteophytes from the tibia. Remove any soft tissues that may prevent proper placement of the Pin Guide. • Position the Pin Guide on the tibia (Fig. 7). • Ensure the posterior medial hook goes over the posterior ridge of the tibia. • The mechanical axis and proximal resection lines may be used to assess the alignment. Note: The tibia alignment may be verified by inserting the Tibia Alignment Adapter and Alignment Rod into the Tibia Pin Guide alignment holes (Fig. 8a & 8b). Drill and Pin...

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Tibial Technique Establish Tibia Rotation (Drill Proximal Holes) • Tibia rotation may be established through the Pin Guide per surgeon discretion. • Drill the proximal medial and lateral holes of the Pin guide (do not place pins). Drill deep enough to ensure visibility after the proximal resection (Fig. 11). Trabecular Metal™ Tibia Only (Fig. 12) 1. Gently insert a fixation pin into the floating posterior pinhole to use as a visual reference while drilling the lateral anterior rotational pin hole. 2. Drill the posterior pin hole, using as a visual reference the previously drilled anterior...

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Tibial Technique Secure Cut Guide and Cut Tibia • Secure the Persona Tibial Cut Guide. If more fixation is required, insert a 3.2mm Trocar-tipped pin in the oblique hole on the cutting head. Verify resections using the resection guide. Make tibial cut (Fig. 15). • Use the appropriate right or left tibia cut guide. 3° Persona Left Cut Guide 7° Persona Left Cut Guide 3° Persona Right Cut Guide 7° Persona Right Cut Guide • Insert the Alignment Adapter into the Tibial Cut Guide, insert the Alignment Rod and check alignment (Fig. 16). Alignment Adapter When fixating the Cut Guide, excessive...

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Tibial Technique Position Tibial Sizing Plate • Place tibial sizing plate on the cut surface. Align the first hole on the tibia plate to the hole on the tibia. Place the pin. Rotate the tibia plate until the second pin hole aligns with the remaining pre-drilled holes (Fig. 17). The sizing plate options are referenced in (Fig. 18) on the following page. In the event the drilled proximal holes are covered up following the proximal cut, clean the area. Alternatively, prior to removing the anterior pins, place the Pin Guide back over the anterior pins and locate the proximal holes through the...

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THE PERSONALIZED KNEE SYSTEM Tibial Technique Persona TrabecularMetalTibialSizing Plate Left C 42-5398-064-01 Persona TrabecularMetalT\b\z\S\img Plate Right C 42-5398-064-02 Persona 7rabea//or/Mefo/TibialSizing Plate Left D 42-5398-067-01 Persona 7rabea//or/Mefo/TibialSizing Plate Right D 42-5398-067-02 Persona Cemented Tibial Sizing Plate Left C Persona Cemented Tibial Sizing Plate Right C Persona Cemented Tibial Sizing Plate Left D Persona Cemented Tibial Sizing Plate Right D Persona 7rabea//or/Mefo/TibialSizing Plate Left E 42-5398-071-01 Persona Persona Trabecular MetalT\b'\z\S\im%...

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Note: Materialise and the Materialise logo are trademarks of Materialise NV This documentation is intended exclusively for physicians and is not intended for laypersons. Information on the products and procedures contained in this document is of a general nature and does not represent and does not constitute medical advice or recommendations. Because this information does not purport to constitute any diagnostic or therapeutic statement with regard to any individual medical case, each patient must be examined and advised individually, and this document does not replace the need for such...

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