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Zimmer ® PSI Shoulder for Trabecular Metal™ Reverse Glenoid Personalization. Precision. Performance.

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for Trabecular Metal Reverse Glenoid Enables you to personalize your surgical plan to your patient’s unique anatomy and then execute that plan with precision, with the goal of reducing the risk of malposition and maximizing implant performance. Personalization Your patient has unique needs. Based on a pre-operative CT, our 3D virtual surgery tool enables you to visualize and optimize not only implant orientation, but also bone surface preparation and fixation. Enables you to see and select implant size and positioning from any angle, in high fidelity 3D Plan post position within glenoid...

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Precision Accuracy of Baseplate Version & Inclination1 There are a lot of variables in the operating room. A complete set of PSI Instrument Guides allows you to replicate your pre-operative plan with confidence. Baseplates within accuracy threshold • PSI Pin Guide offers a 2-pin solution to assist in precise implant position, version and inclination • PSI Ream Guide informs reaming angle and depth to enable preservation of cortical support bone • PSI Roll Guide details the planned implant rotation orientation and screw entry points • PSI Screw Guide provides the drill direction to help...

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Performance In Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty, positioning and fixation on the glenoid side are critical to implant longevity. • Reduced variability in implant inclination and version1, 2 allows you to optimize joint biomechanics • Optimized screw length and trajectory enables maximization of initial mechanical fixation3,4 • Enhanced long term stability by the Trabecular Metal, which supports biological in-growth and vascularization5-8 Trabecular Metal Reverse Base Plate with 30mm post size; also available in 15mm and 25mm posts. Post Operative CT scan example showing superior screw...

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PSI Glenoid Bone Model A physical model of your patient’s unique glenoid provides multiple visual checkpoints for intra-operative confirmation of adherence to your preoperative plan. • Provides visual reference to confirm complete glenoid exposure • Offers tactile reference to confirm PSI Pin Guide fits as planned • Provides positioning confirmation for the two reference pins, which set up the rest of the procedure

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REFERENCES: 1. Studies on Zimmer file - TR-TG120709-01 Warsaw Cadaveric Lab 2012 and TR-FB121026-01 Chicago PSI Shoulder Cadaver Lab Nov 2012. See Note 2. 2. Hendel MD, et al. Comparison of patient-specific instruments with standard surgical instruments in determining glenoid component position. JBJS 2012; 94:2167-75. 3. Hopkins AR, et al. Fixation of the reversed shoulder prosthesis. JSES 2008; 17: 974-980. 4. Parsons BO, et al. Optimal rotation and screw positioning for initial glenosphere baseplate fixation in reverse shoulder arthroplasty. JSES 2009; 18: 886-891. 5. Bobyn JD, et al....

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