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Zimmer® Segmental System ® Simple solutions for solving complex salvage cases

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Zimmer® Segmental System - 2

A Step Forward The Zimmer® Segmental System is designed to address patients with severe bone loss associated with disease, trauma or revision. Cross-system capabilities with the NexGen® RH Knee provide the flexibility necessary for challenging reconstructions. No other salvage system has Trabecular Metal™ Technology at key fixation interfaces, enabling biologic fixation. Building on the design of the NexGen RH Knee, this system features a modular hinge mechanism that results in 95% of the load being carried by the tibial condyles.1 Cross-System Capabilities The ability to interchange select...

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Zimmer® Segmental System - 3

Trabecular Metal Material simulates bone like no other prosthetic material. That’s because it is designed to replicate the shape, the cellular structure, the elasticity, and the weight-bearing characteristics of bone. It’s a unique, highly porous, three-dimensional biomaterial, not a coating. Thus, it allows significant bone and soft-tissue ingrowth. With over 200,000 worldwide surgeries performed since 1997 using Trabecular Metal Implants, the results are in: Trabecular Metal Material is indeed The Best Thing Next to Bone. Unique Trabecular Metal Technology The only salvage system to offer...

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Zimmer® Segmental System - 4

Torsional Fatigue Test Testing representing 10 years of stair-climb activity was completed. All segment pairs completed testing without fracture, deformation or relative rotation between segments.1 Segmental System Stem Test Segmental stems and cemented Trabecular Metal Technology collars were paired with a MOST Options® proximal femur and cyclically tested at 7.5 times body-weight. The components survived testing without fracture and with no evidence of loosening at the stem/collar interface. Multiple Unique Stem Options Stems are available in fluted and splined styles. Length Fluted...

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Zimmer® Segmental System - 5

Flexibility. Fixation. Bearing Options. The Segmental System utilizes many Zimmer technologies to address severe bone loss from disease, trauma or revision. No system is more versatile, flexible or adaptable for salvage cases. Anteversion tab and pockets alignment helps to match patient anatomy The proprietary RH design passes 95% of the load through the tibial condyles Trabecular Metal Technology collar enhances fixation Tapered articular surface allows pairing of a larger size distal femur with a smaller size tibia Strong one-piece hinge can be used with the Segmental Distal Femur or the...

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Zimmer® Segmental System - 6

Segmental System Scope/Compatibility Chart MOST Options Proximal Femoral Segmental MOST Options Proximal Femoral Proximal Femoral Components Component Segmental Segments, NexGen Stem NexGen Stem Segmental Knee Segments, (Variable Stiffness Stems (variable stiffness stems are not indicated for use are notSegmentalwith compatible Distal with the the Segmental Distal Femoral Components in Femoral components) Trabecular Metal Metal Femoral Components Trabecular Segmental Knee Distal Femoral and Segmental Segmental Knee Distal Femoral and Segmental Knee Polyethylene Knee Polyethylene Insert...

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