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Drill Stop Kit Brochure

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Taking depth control to new heights. In any osteotomy, depth control and patient safety are major concerns. You want a drill stop system that is easy to understand and easy to use, and most important, delivers what you need to perform implant surgery with confidence. That’s where the new Zimmer Drill Stop Kit comes in. With convenient “pick & go” simplicity, easyto-follow color-coding and organization, and a host of other time-saving features, the Zimmer Drill Stop Kit is designed to rise above all other depth control solutions. Step 2: Verify drilling depth by using the Drill Depth Guide. Create the osteotomy to a predetermined depth. Step 4: When done, simply disengage the drill stop using the Multitool or by hand. For more information about our Products, Regenerative Materials and Educational Opportunities, contact us: 1900 Aston Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008-7308, USA In the U.S. 1 (800) 854-7019 To fax an order 1 (888) 225-2483 Outside the U.S. +1 (760) 929-4300 Australia +61 (0)2 9950 5434 or 1 (800) 241 916 Canada +1 (905) 567-2073 or 1 (800) 265-0968 To receive our eNews visit us at http://www.zimmerdental.com/news_eNewsLetterSignUp.aspx Before placing the drill stop back into the kit, verify the stop’s location in the kit by using the Drill Stop Guide to ensure proper placement. www.zimmerdental.com ©2009 Zimmer Dental Inc. All rights reserved. 1336, Rev. 10/09. Select the appropriate drill stop. Please note that not all products are registered or available in every country/region. Please check with a Zimmer Dental representative for availability and additional information. Zimmer® ® Drill Stop Kit A smarter solution for controlling drilling depth.

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Zimmer Drill Stop Kit. An open and shut case for an easier, more cost-efficient drill stop solution. Sample Sequence Drill stops for use with 17/22mmL drill Columns are color-coded by implant diameter and organized by drill diameter Rows are organized by implant lengths Osteotomy for a 3.7mmD x 13mmL Tapered Screw-Vent® Implant, using a 17/22mmL Dríva Drill. Beauty and simplicity, together in one cool package. Step 1: From the 13mmL implant row, select the stop for a 2.3mmD Pilot Drill. For Soft Bone Drill Depth Guide Verify drilling depth with assembled drill stop Drill stop technology...

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