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Eztetic ™  3.1 mmD Implant System

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Eztetic™ 3.1 mmD Implant System Product Catalog And Surgical Technique

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Table Of Contents Overview    1 Implant Design And Specifications • Implant Platform • Implant Connection • Implant Platform • Implant Placement Guidelines • Indications For Use Eztetic Prosthetics (NP Platform)    6 •    "Cast To" Gold Abutment Components    7 •    NP Surgical Module Ordering Information    11 • Drilling Sequence Guidelines    12

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General Information The 3.1 mmD Eztetic Implant offers a narrow, powerful solution for demanding anterior spaces. This innovative implant is designed to provide initial stability1, allowing immediate restorations when clinically appropriate. The conical, Double Friction-Fit™ Connection with platform switch, combined with narrow platform (NP) prosthetics, are designed for crestal bone maintenance2 and good aesthetics by accommodating maximum soft-tissue volume. The NP Surgical Module conveniently snaps into the Tapered Screw-Vent® Surgical Kit for streamlined surgical procedures. Restorative...

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Primary Stability1 For Immediate Aesthetics Tapered implant geometry combined with dedicated soft- and dense-bone surgical protocols are designed for high primary stability in all types of bone MTX Surface For Increased Bone Apposition3, 4 The MTX Microtextured Surface has been documented to achieve high levels of bone-to-implant contact and successful clinical results under conditions of immediate loading Coronal Options For Bone Level Maintenance The coronal microgrooves are designed to preserve crestal bone.5 Two coronal surface configurations are available: • Full MTX Microtexturing...

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Implant Design And Specifications Eztetic Dental Implant - Fully Textured With Microgrooves And 0.5 mm Machined Collar With Microgrooves 2.9 mmD Platform with a 2.1 mmD Internal Hex 2.9 mmD Platform with a 2.1 mmD Internal Hex 1.9 mmL Lead (Triple-Lead Thread) 3.1 mmD   Model CT Implant 2.7 mmD Apex Diameter The 3.1 mmD Eztetic Dental Implants have a MTX microtextured or 0.5 mm machined coronal aspect, followed by 1.8 mm of the MTX Surface with microgrooves. The six microgrooves are circumferential with a depth of 0.06 mm and peak-to-peak width of 0.3 mm. Triple-lead threads begin...

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Implant Platform The implant platform diameter is measured across the most coronal part of the implant. The 3.1 mmD Eztetic Implant features a 2.9 mmD prosthetic platform. A 1.3 mm deep, 17° internal cone extends from the outermost diameter (2.9 mmD) of the implant platform to the internal hex of the implant. The internal hex is 2.1 mm flat-to-flat with a depth of 1.7 mm (Fig. 2A and 2B). The 3.0 mm deep conical connection is designed to distribute stresses deep into the implant and away from the crestal bone to aid in crestal bone maintenance. Figure 2A Figure 2B 3.1 Eztetic Implant 2.9 mm...

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Eztetic Implants Implant Platform Color-Coding Abutment Emergence Profile Compatibility 3.1 mmD Eztetic Implants are available with a 2.9 mmD prosthetic platform. Implant Diameter Implant Platform Abutment Emergence Profile* *For Contour components. NOTE: Contour Abutments with 3.7 mmD Emergence Profile are not compatible with 3.5 mmD Contour Restorative Components. Eztetic Dental Implants, MTX Surface, Fully Textured With Microgrooves Includes Healing Screw (CCSNP) Catalog Numbers Implant Diameter Implant Platform Eztetic Dental Implants, MTX Surface, 0.5 mm Machined Collar With...

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Surgical Healing Screw, Replacement Catalog Numbers Healing Collars Catalog Numbers Indirect Transfers (Closed-Tray Procedure) Color-coded by implant platform. Includes a Retaining Screw (CASLT) The top surface of the healing collar is etched with three symbols to reference implant platform diameter (left), emergence profile diameter (top right) and cuff height (lower right). In some cases, only the initial digit of the measurement is shown. See item number table above for specific measurements. NP = Narrow Platform (2.9 mmD)

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Titanium Temporary Abutment Includes a Retaining Screw (CUAS) and a Long Processing Screw (CASLC) * Contour Abutments with 3.7 mmD Emergence Profile are not compatible with 3.5 mmD Contour Restorative Components. ** Please refer to the Tapered Screw-Vent Implant System catalog for a list of 4.5 mmD Contour Restorative Components available to facilitate restoration of Contour Abutments with 4.5 mmD Emergence Profile. Locator® Abutments Catalog Numbers Implant Platform

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Locator Attachment Components Compatible with the existing Locator Components. Please refer to the Tapered Screw-Vent Catalog for additional options. prosthetic Tools NOTE: CLRT2 is included with the NP Surgical Module.

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Step Drill, Drill, 22 mmL Step Drill, 22 mmL    SV5.1DN 22 mmL rorollel Pins Vent* Surgical

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2.8/2.4 mmD Driva Surgical Step Drill, 22 mmL ZOP28DN 2.1 mm GemLock Hex Drill, Latch Lock, Short CHD2.1 2.1 mm GemLock Hex Drill, Latch Lock, Long CHDL2.1 The NP Surgical Module snaps into the Tapered Screw-Vent Surgical Kit Drill Extender DE 2.5 mm GemLock 2.5 mm GemLock Hex Drill Hex Tool, Short RHD2.5    RH2.5 For maximum cutting efficiency, replace drills frequently.

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Implant diameter Surgical sequence color bar Drill band color for dense bone protocol Implant cap color and restorative platform Vial cap label NP: Narrow Platform (2.9 mmD) NP Surgical Module (To be inserted into the TSVKIT). Includes: NP Surgical Module (Tray Only) 2.4 mmD Driva Surgical Drill, 22 mmL 2.8/2.4 mmD Driva Surgical Step Drill, 22 mmL 3.0 mmD Cortical Bone Tap Tool 2.1 mm GemLock Hex Drill, Latch Lock, Short 2.1 mm GemLock Hex Drill, Latch Lock, Long 2.1 mm GemLock Hex Tool, Ratchet, Short 2.1 mm GemLock Hex Tool, Ratchet, Long Removal Tool for Eztetic Abutments Please refer...

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