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Regenerative Product Portfolio Trusted Clinical Solutions ZIMMER BIOMET Your progress. Our promise:

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The Power Of Puros Allografts Clinicians around the globe have counted on the Puros family of allografts for hard- and soft-tissue augmentation procedures for years. The brand’s renowned reputation is based on:* • Consistent, clinically documented and predictable processing and configuration • Allowing for creation of healthy, solid bone1-3 • Rapid, predictable turnover shown in human clinical studies4-7 • Natural, easy-to-use, terminally sterile options • uick hydration, five-year shelf life “excluding RegenaVate and Puros Putties” and Q storage at room temperature8 “excluding RegenaVate...

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Puros Cortico-Cancellous Particulate Allograft Key Benefit: Puros Cortico-Cancellous Particulate Allograft is an anatomic-based mix of 70% cortical and 30% cancellous bone particulate. Puros Cortico-Cancellous Particulate Allograft is used in procedures where space maintenance and faster remodeling4-5 are desired.* This mixture combines the clinical advantages of both Puros Cortical and Puros Cancellous Particulate Allograft materials. Clinical Advantages: • Retains osseoconductive properties due to the preservation of the natural bone matrix collagen and mineral composition, trabecular...

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Puros Cancellous Particulate Allograft Key Benefit: Puros Cancellous Particulate Allograft has a history of well-documented clinical results, is an easy-to-handle choice for predictable bone regeneration and acts as an osseoconductive scaffold for new bone formation.19 Clinical Advantages: • In large-volume applications, prospective studies have documented faster bone regeneration at 6 months than grafts containing sintered bovine bone matrix4 5 • One study shows the use of tenting screws in combination with Puros Allograft resulted in an average 9.7 mm vertical augmentation in 4 to 5...

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Puros Block Allograft Key Benefit: By eliminating the need to harvest an autogenous block graft, Puros Block Allografts may save time and help to reduce pain and can shorten the patient's rehabilitation period. Clinical Advantages: • A clinically documented solution for effectively restoring volume to severely resorbed ridges2,3,18 • Outcomes have been comparable to those generally reported for autogenous block grafting, but without the need for a second surgery to harvest bone19-21 • Clinical reports have documented the ability to stabilize implants 5 to 6 months after grafting2,3,18 •...

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CopiOsXenograft Particulates Predictable Remodeling And Regeneration • CopiOs Cancellous Particulate Xenografts are mineralized particulate cancellous bovine bone chips indicated for large and small bone defects4445 • In small defects it has been reported into vital bone44 • During the remodeling process CopiOs Cancellous Particulate Xenografts act as an osseoconductive scaffold for new bone formation44 46 • Retains osseoconductive properties due to the preservation of the original bovine cancellous bone matrix collagen and mineral composition, trabecular pattern and original porosity44...

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Soft-Tissue Grafts Puros Dermis Allograft Tissue Matrix Key Benefit: Ideal for aesthetic case requirements, Puros Dermis Allograft Tissue Matrix is a high-quality, natural, biocompatible matrix that is sterilized and preserved through the proprietary Tutoplast process to provide an easy-to-use, biocompatible, regenerative solution, for horizontal and vertical soft-tissue augmentation,28,29 soft-tissue management and guided tissue regeneration procedures. Clinical Advantages: • Reduces morbidity and saves valuable chair time by eliminating the need to harvest an autogenous graft • Provides...

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Shelf-life: Five (5) years

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13 Copios Extend Membrane Key Benefit: CopiOs Extend Membrane is a long-lasting, resorbable collagen membrane designed to allow implant placement while providing ample time for regeneration. It conforms to the defect with enough structural integrity for space creation. CopiOs Extend Membrane lasts 6 to 9 months. Clinical Advantages: • Cell-Occlusive - allows nutrients to permeate whileoccluding epithelial cells43 • Biocompatible - highly purified, intact porcine dermis43 • Convenient handling - conformable and easy to reposition in the defect • Easy-to-Use - supplied sterile and...

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Zimmer Collagen Plug 10 mm x 20 mm Zimmer Collagen Plug, Tape And Patch Key Benefit: Highly porous, absorbable collagen wound dressings to help protect, heal and repair oral wounds. Clinical Advantages: • Protects Wound Bed - adheres and provides coverage to oral wounds and sores • Designed to Aid Healing - porous, absorbable matrix supports delicate new tissue • Versatile for Everyday Use - three convenient shapes for common oral wounds and procedures • Designed to resorb within a short timeframe • Indicated for management of oral wounds and sores: - Denture sores - Oral ulcers...

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15 Sinus Lift Solutions Sinus Crestal Approach Kit Key Benefit: The Sinus Crestal Approach Kit is minimally invasive, designed for creating an osteotomy into the inferior cortical bone without tearing the Schneiderian membrane. Clinical Advantages: • S-reamer head has been designed with a special blade structure to leave a thin bone disk between membrane and reamer—the reamer does not touch membrane directly • Stoppers control the drilling depth of the S-reamer (10 pieces, 2 to 11 mm) and can also be mounted on the bone spreader and bone condenser • S-reamer can be used for misaligned and...

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