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Spline Implant System © 2007 Zimmer Dental Inc. All rights reserved. 4857, Rev. 2/07. Product Catalog

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Puros® Allograft Return Policy How to Order To order, call Zimmer Dental Customer Service between 6:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday, or fax your order to 888 225 2483. Overnight delivery is available, if requested. Overnight delivery orders must be placed by 2:30 p.m. PST. To make ordering easier, please have your customer number, the catalog number and the quantity of items you wish to order. Prices do not include applicable sales tax, shipping and handling costs. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notification. Zimmer Dental accepts VISA, Mastercard...

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Spline Implant System Trademark Information ImplantMED is a registered trademark ofW&H Dentalwerk Burmoos GmbH. Locator is a registered trademark of and Locator attachments are manufactured by Zest Anchors, Inc. Tutoplast is a registered trademark of Tutogen Medical, Inc. CollaTape, CollaPlug, CollaCote, BioMend, and BioMend Extend are manufactured for Zimmer Dental Inc. by Integra LifeSciences Corporation. CollaTape and CollaPlug CollaCote is a trademark of Integra LifeSciences Corporation. Zimmer Socket Repair Membrane is manufactured by Spline Twist™ Implants 2 Spline Reliance™ Cylinder...

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Implant Dimensions 3.25mmD Platform with a 1.0mmL External Spline Connection Spline Features/Benefits The Spline Implant System with external hex connection offers increased strength, reduced micromovement and improved tactile sense of component engagement. MP-1 HA Surface • The interdigitating projections and slots allow the Spline Implant and the abutment to form an exceptionally precise “lock” reducing joint failure. , • The Spline Twist Implant’s self-tapping spiral flutes reduce surgical time and direct bone chips up and away from the cutting edge. • The Snap Delivery System allows the...

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Spline Twist Implants with MTX Surface Microtextured titanium alloy, self-tapping and threaded. Sold with one titanium healing screw and driver mount. Catalog Numbers Diameter Spline Twist Implants with MP-1 HA Surface Hydroxylapatite-coated, self-tapping and threaded. Sold with one titanium healing screw and driver mount. Catalog Numbers Diameter Spline Reliance Cylinder Implants with MP-1 HA Surface Hydroxylapatite-coated. Sold with one titanium alloy healing screw. Catalog Numbers Diameter Flared Healing Screws For use directly to the implant subgingivally during healing. Does not engage...

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Standard and Narrow Temporary Gingival Cuffs Zimmer Dental’s MP-1 HA Coating Zimmer Dental’s proprietary MP-1 HA process provides for greater coating stability. For use directly to implant to allow healing of the soft tissue. Does not engage the spline on the implant. Note: When using Narrow Temporary Gingival Cuffs, you must use the Narrow Impression Post to record the impression. Color-coded by diameter. One per package. Catalog Numbers • MP-1 HA Surface is shown to be more stable than competitive HA 2 coatings. Stability means a surface you can rely on. • Surface roughness of 4.9 microns...

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Components for Impression Transfers Impression Techniques Flow Chart CLOSED -TRAY Standard Impression Post 13mmL Impression Post Retaining Screw Implant Body Analog OPEN -TRAY Standard Impression Post 18mmL Impression Post Retaining Screw Implant Body Analog Note: Use of an Impression Post with an Implant Body Analog is an optional technique for recording an impression when the choice of abutment is to be made at a later date. Standard Impression Posts For use in recording an impression when the specific abutment has not been determined. Can be used as a general transfer method to record...

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Components for Impression Transfers Color-Coding System Simplifies Implant Restoration • Impression Posts • Implant Body Analogs • Temporary Gingival Cuffs Short Impression Posts For use in recording an impression for implants placed in limited occlusal spaces. Can be used as a general transfer method to record the implant position, including orientation of the external spline to the master model. Color-coded by diameter. Includes a Retaining Screw. The height of the Impression Post is 9mm. One per package. Catalog Numbers Diameter 4.5mmD 5.5mmD 6.5mmD Replacement 13mmL Open-Tray Flare...

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Components for Cement-Retained Restorations Cement-Retained Restoration Flow Chart Standard Impression Post 13mmL Impression Post Retaining Screw Implant Body Analog Fixed Abutment Note: For cases requiring angulation correction, use a Preangled 17° Fixed Abutment. The use of a Temporary Abutment is an optional technique when a temporary prosthesis, for up to six weeks, is desired. Temporary Abutments For use in fabrication of temporary or provisional restorations. Single use. Includes a Retaining Screw. One per package. Catalog Numbers Engaging Replacement Retaining Screw Fixed Abutments...

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Components for Cement-Retained Restorations MTX Surface Allows for Increased Bone Apposition1 PureForm™ Ceramic Copings Must be used with PureForm Core Abutment. All copings flare from a 4.5mmD base and can be used with any size Core Abutment. Porcelain is applied directly to the Ceramic Copings. Single use only. Catalog Numbers • Implants are textured with soluble, biocompatible grit-blasting medium • Cutting grooves remain intact for efficient self-tapping Ceramic Coping, Large Incisor Ceramic Coping, Large Incisor, 17° Ceramic Coping, Small Incisor Ceramic Coping, Small Incisor, 17°...

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Components for Custom Restorations Custom Restoration Flow Chart Multiple-Unit Restorations Standard Impression Post with 13mmL Impression Post Retaining Screw Direct Plastic Coping, Non-Engaging Direct Gold Coping, Non-Engaging Implant Body Analog Single-Unit Restorations Direct Gold Coping, Engaging Direct Gold Copings with Plastic Waxing Sleeve, Engaging For use when screw-retention of a single tooth is desired, engaging the prosthesis directly to the implant body, bypassing any abutment. Use for subgingival margins, when minimum interocclusal space is available, when the soft tissue...

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