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sinus lateral approach kit

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Sinus Lateral Approach Kit AM inim ally I Ap nvasiv pro e ach to La t eral Sinus Lifts Small lateral window Minimal flap size Control of drilling depth up to 3.5mm without drill stops (LS Reamer) 3 COMPACT AND COMPLETE Complete instrumentations for two different surgical techniques Customize surgical approach between LS Reamer- or C-Reamer to preserve bone core

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SINUS LATERAL APPROACH KIT TECHNIQUE GUIDE TWO PATHS - ONE PRODUCT 1 Flap • levate small flap. E • ake a pilot marking with the M C-Guide. 4 Detach Sinus Membrane • 1 elevator is used to initiate detachment # of the membrane in the mesial-distal area. C-Guide/C-Reamer • ake lateral hole while preserving M the existing bone core with C-Reamer. • ecommended drill speed: up to R 2,000rpm. 5 Elevate Sinus Membrane • 2 elevator is used for detaching # membrane in the inferior area. • 3 elevator is used for anterior # and posterior areas. Bone Disk/LS-Reamer • Drill the lateral wall until a thin...

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