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SwissPlus ® Implant System

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Zim SwsPlus Data Sheet 4844 SwissPlus® Implant System The single solution. Everything included. • Multiple function Fixture Mount/Transfer minimizes chair time and financial investment. • Efficient self-tapping flutes facilitate faster implant insertion, saving valuable surgical time. • Tapered SwissPlus implant features double lead threads to provide faster insertion. * • Narrow diameter platform with an internal hex connection is available for Tapered SwissPlus implant.

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Zim SwsPlus Data Sheet 4844 SwissPlus Implant System Preferred design and better value in a single-stage implant. Zimmer Dental’s SwissPlus products simplify your implant cases, while providing unmatched value. That’s because each SwissPlus implant is packaged with a patented all-in-one Fixture Mount/Transfer-which can be used for insertion, impression taking and as a customizable final abutment. Adding to the simplicity of the system, is the full assortment of SwissPlus prosthetics to support all possible restorative needs. Available in our proven MTX surface** • 1-2 micron surface...

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