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T3® Implant Preservation By Design®

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Preservation Is Key To AestheticsTraditional Challenges to Aesthetic Outcomes Delayed Osseointegration Implants lacking a complex surface topography1 and primary stability require more time for osseointegration.2 Peri-implantitis The prevalence of implants experiencing peri-implantitis has been reported in excess of 12%T4 Crestal Bone Loss Average implant crestal bone remodeling can exceed 1.5 mm following the first year of function, leading to compromised aesthetics.5 Contemporary Hybrid Surface Provided by complex multi-surface topography Seal Integrity Provided by a stable and...

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Contemporary Hybrid Surface Coarse and Fine Micron Surface Features Create an Average Mean Surface Roughness Value of 1.4 μm in the Threaded Portion of the Implant.14 Coarse and fine micron features Coarse: (10+ microns) via resorbable calcium phosphate media blast Fine micron features on the implant collar (1 - 3 microns) via dual acid-etching (DAE) Fine: (1 - 3 microns) via dual acid-etching (DAE) on top of the blasted surface Option for nano-scale features along the full length of the implant via Discrete Crystalline Deposition (DCD®) of calcium phosphate

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Certain Connection Seal Integrity A stable, tight implant/abutment interface minimizes abutment micromotion and reduces potential microleakage.15 Implant/abutment seal strength Designed to reduce microleakage through exacting interface tolerances and maximized clamping forces. Implant/abutment clamping force Use of the Gold-Tite® Screw increases Certain® Implant/abutment clamping force by 113% vs. a non-coated screw.18 Proprietary Gold-Tite Surface lubrication allows the screw to rotate further, increasing clamping force and maximizing abutment stability.19 Results of preclinical testing...

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Contemporary Hybrid Implant Design Primary Stability6,7,8 Initial Bone-to-Implant Contact is a major contributor to the implant’s stability.9 The specifications of the T3 Implant are held to rigorous tolerances to provide a closely integrated implant-to-osteotomy fit, creating a dental implant system that helps to achieve primary stability. Osseointegration10,11 In preclinical studies*, the T3 with DCD Surface demonstrated increased integration strength throughout the healing phase as compared to less complex surface topographies.11 No Increased Peri-implantitis Risk12,13 The T3 Implant...

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T3 Implant With DCD Implant Clinical Case Presentation Clinical Treatment by Dr. Tiziano Testori† & Dr. Fabio ScutellᆠFigure 1 Hopeless central incisors. Figure 2 Two T3 DCD Tapered Implants 5 mm(D) x 4.1 mm(P) x 13 mm(L) placed immediately after extractions. Figure 4 An acrylic-resin splinted provisional restoration was cemented to the PreFormance Posts. Figure 6 Final result with definitive prosthesis six months post-extractions and implant placement. Note the maintenance of the facio-palatal width. Figure 3 Two PreFormance® Provisional Posts adjusted intraorally. Figure 5 One month...

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References 1. Sullivan DY, Sherwood RL, Porter SS. Long-term performance of Osseotite® Implants: A 6-year follow-up Compendium. 2001 Apr;Vol.22, No.4. 2. Javed F, Romanos GE. The role of primary stability for successful immediate loading of dental implants. A literature review. J Dent. 2010 Aug;38(8):612-20. Epub 2010 Jun 11. Review. 3. Fransson C, Lekholm U, Jemt T, Berglundh T. Prevalence of subjects with progressive bone loss at implants. Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2005;16:440–446. 4. Zitzmann NU, Berglundh T. Definition and prevalence of peri-implant diseases. J Clin Perio....

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Ordering Information Tapered Implants T3 Non-Platform Switched ZIMMER BIOMET Your progress. Our promise: Contact us at 1-800-342-5454 or visit zimmerbiometdental.com Biomet 3i Dental Iberica, S.L. WTC Almeda Park, Ed. 4, Planta 2 C/Tirso de Molina, 40 08940 - Cornella de Llobregat (Barcelona) Spain Zimmer Biomet Dental Global Headquarters 4555 Riverside Drive Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 Tel: +1-561-776-6700 Fax: +1-561-776-1272 Biomet 3i, LLC 4555 Riverside Drive Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 All trademarks are the property of Zimmer Biomet or its affiliates, unless otherwise indicated. All...

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