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YOUR DIGITAL PARTNER Trusted Quality and Innovation As digital technology becomes more prevalent in dentistry, it is important to partner with companies you can trust. By collaborating with Zfx, Zimmer is able to meld CAD/CAM technological expertise with its established global network and reputation for quality and customer support. Zfx was built from the ground up by lab technicians who understand what you bring to the table – your ingenuity, your meticulous approach, your passion. Zfx Digital Solutions are tools that augment your skill and experience, giving you an opportunity to do what...

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QUALITY PRODUCTS AND FLEXIBLE WORKFLOWS Zimmer Dental provides a wide range of products and digital solutions and we support you from implant planning through to the final restoration. Our world class products, education and local support come together for a partnership you can rely on. Zimmer Zfx offers workflow flexibility to help increase your efficiency and gives you the option to provide high quality restorations without additional staff, training or capital investment. Regardless of the size of your laboratory today, or how you expand your business in the future, Zimmer is positioned...

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ZFX CAD/CAM ABUTMENTS Zimmer® ZfxTM CAD/CAM Abutments support cement retained restorations on a variety of major implant systems including Zimmer’s own Platform PlusTM Technology with Friction-Fit. Zimmer Zfx CAD/CAM Abutments provide customized anatomic contours, emergence profile and margin placement to provide an excellent foundation for improved long-term function and esthetics Compatibility Zimmer® ZfxTM CAD/CAM Abutments are compatible with the following major implant systems. Zimmer Connection Platform Titanium Zirconia Zimmer Tapered Screw-Vent Implant System Zimmer® Trabecular...

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ZFX SCREW-RETAINED BRIDGES AND BARS Zimmer offers a full range of abutment-level screw-retained bars and bridges through Zfx Italia. Based on decades of Zfx milling experience and a proven track record, Zimmer is able to provide precision-milled components for fixed and removable implant restorations milled from solid blocks of titanium, cobalt-chrome or zirconia. Zimmer Zfx Abutment-Level Bars fit with the Zimmer Tapered Abutment Family to complete a RevitaliZe™ Patient Solutions protocol. Overdenture bars and screw-retained bridges are also available. Zimmer features flat pricing per arch...

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ZFX CROWN AND BRIDGE COMPONENTS The Zimmer Zfx Milling Center in Carlsbad, CA offers a wide range of milled components including crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. Crown and bridge components are available in KATANA Zirconia ML and HT, IPS e.max CAD, titanium, cobalt-chrome, PMMA and wax (see chart below for specific indication and material combinations). Flexible workflows allow labs to control the design or Zimmer can provide design services. State of the art industrial 5-axis milling and inspection processes ensure a high quality restoration. Zimmer backs this up with a 5-year...

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ZFX DENTAL CAD DESIGN SOFTWARE With the Zfx Dental CAD System, there is a wide range of restorative options at your fingertips for designing abutments, abutment-level bars and screw-retained bridges, and fixed crown and bridge restorations. The Intuitive Zfx software allows you to design restorations from the crown down, just as you normally would, resulting in an ideal restoration. Once the scan data is imported, the Zfx software guides you step-by-step through the process. Software training and technical support are available to assist you through the learning curve. Basic and advanced...

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ZFX DENTAL CAD SYSTEM The Zfx Scanners offer precision, reliability and processing speed through a user-friendly interface. These systems, were designed with an open architecture, allowing you to output a standard .stl file for flexibility in computer-aided manufacturing of the restoration. You add the finishing touches. Zfx™ Evolution Scanner The Zfx Evolution Scanner is accurate, fast and easy to use. It quickly scans the entire arch with documented accuracy of < 9μm across a volume of 120mm x 80mm when tested according to the VDI procedure.1 Step-by-step instructions guide the user...

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Zfx SCAN III The Zfx Scan III is an open-system optical scanner developed specifically for the dental industry. Using the Zfx scanner, articulated models are easily and quickly scanned and then seamlessly imported into the Zfx Dental CAD Design Software. As with any CAD/CAM technology, scan accuracy is critical. The Zfx Scan III incorporates multiple technologies that optimize precision.* T win-Camera Technology: Yields high data accuracy compared to single-camera scanners. The 3D scanning module helps produce a crisp image of the prep margin. W hite Light Scanning: Produces clear...

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INTRA-ORAL SCANNER CONNECTIVITY Zimmer Dental now offers connectivity with the iTero® Intraoral Scanner to support the design and manufacture of Zimmer Zfx CAD/ CAM Abutments and other milled components. This new digital implant workflow will offer clinicians access to a menu of CAD/CAM services for greater precision and enhanced efficiency. The iTero digital impression captures an intraoral scan of the Zimmer Clinical Scan Body, which initiates the digital implant workflow. Zimmer accepts iTero scan files through dental laboratories. Contact your Zimmer representative to locate a lab in...

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Zfx Milling Centers Zfx Scan Centers Zfx and Zimmer Dental. Partners for each other. Partners for you. By collaborating with Zfx, Zimmer is able to meld CAD/ CAM technological expertise with its established global network and reputation for quality and customer support. This enables Zimmer to provide you with a first-class digital solution that can be scaled to fit any dental laboratory. Zfx encompasses a global network of milling centers, digital labs and dentists, all working together to produce high-quality dental prostheses. Access to this network provides Zfx customers with: Integrated...

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