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Cryo VIP - 1

CryoVIP The unique Cryo-Sauna without liquid nitrogen Dry cryowellness: luxury for body and soul

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Cryo VIP - 2

The best of the Antarctic. Exclusively for you. The CryoVIP cryowellness chamber creates a dry, deep cold of -85°C (-121°F), a temperature so low that it has only been recorded one time in Antarctica in July 1983. In other words, CryoVIP offers you an experience unlike any found naturally on earth. Not just wellness but pure luxury The CryoVIP cryogenic sauna was developed for people who invest in their quality of life and who enjoy exposing themselves to extraordinary experiences: ❱❱ undisturbed in their private residence, ❱❱ in small, exclusive hotels, or, ❱❱ in small upscale fitness...

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Cryo VIP - 3

Superior technology and maximum convenience. ❱❱ "Plug in and feel good": This high-end cryowellness device with a turbo compressor is powered by electricity, not liquid gas. ❱❱ It works in any room thanks to its compact, space-saving construction and the sophisticated design of the cryotherapy chamber. ❱❱ Automatic dehumidification by freeze-drying: the chamber defrosts automatically. ❱❱ Easy to operate with touch pad and with an iPhone/smartphone app. ❱❱ Unobstructed view to the outside: the heated glass door to the cryotherapy chamber does not fog up. This gives the chamber a feeling of...

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Cryo VIP - 4

Unique, safe, without liquid gas. Unlike cold chambers from other manufacturers, CryoVIP uses refrigeration compressors instead of liquid nitrogen. This saves the cost and hassle of having to order and store tanks of liquid gas. And it makes safe cryowellness possible in the private sector. Enjoy highly concentrated air instead of a nitrogen bath. High-Tech Made in Germany The CryoVIP has been developed and is manufactured by Zimmer MedizinSysteme, the world's leading producer of cold air treatment solutions. Like every device made by Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH, the CryoVIP ❱❱ meets the...

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