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CRYO - 2

Cryotherapy The effects of ice and snow in pain relief and swelling reduction have been recognized throughout antiquity. Efficient and modern therapy methods – custom-made to meet your individual needs The most sophisticated cryotherapy to date – using extremely cooled air for optimal edema and pain reduction. Room temperature air cooled down to -30° C and easily adjustable for precise application of individualized therapy. As a successor to the worldwide established Cryo 5, Cryo 6 incorporates the latest high-tech innovations and design features based on years of experience to ease and...

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CRYO - 3

Performance Efficient Available Powerful Dynamic Individual Economic Professional cryotherapy for - Acute/chronic diseases of the skeletal and muscular apparatus - Inflammations - Muscular contractures - Sports injuries - Postoperative conditions - Neurological disorders High-Tech The Cryo 6 is independent. Operating with a closed cooling circuit, no consumables are needed. This provides maximum performance at minimal costs. Revolutionary concept incorporating innovative materials for increased quality and reliability Quick Cooling To ensure a rapid reduction in the skin temperature, the...

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CRYO - 4

Economic Cryotherapy Room temperature air is ltered and cooled down to -30° C by a closed cooling circuit - Economic – No consumables needed - Powerful – Up to a 100 treatments per day - Hygienic – Glass touch-pad keyboard with large display - Practical – Top glass shelf where it is needed Cryotherapy for daily use Easy Maintenance A constant monitoring system for the defrosted water level and a defrosting feature provide a smoothrunning daily operation. Precision and Efcacy The standard nozzle is used for semi-stationary and dynamic treatment from 2 to 5 cm skin distance. The air lter is...

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CRYO - 5

Easy to Operate A large display, with automatic stand-by and adjustable contrast, clearly indicates all treatment parameters. Direct parameter modifica- User Defined Programs tion of an active, running 3 supplementary storage program is possible. possibilities are free for individual programs. A All technical parameters program can be defined are also displayed on as favorite. This program request – an advantage appears when Cryo 6 is for efficient service and Cryo 6 features a glass turned on and at the contouch-pad keyboard, which maintenance; one of our clusion of each treatment. permits...

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CRYO - 6

Wide range of applications The cryotherapy with cooled air is an efficient and simple-to-use method for numerous indications with the following therapeutic targets: - pain reduction - reduction of inflammations - lowering muscular tonus - metabolic increase - swelling and edema reduction The strong vasoconstriction, provoked by the intense application of the cold air, slows down the hyperemic reaction of the outer tissue and supports the analgesic effect, resultant of the applied thermal shock. Cryotherapy with the Cryo 6 is especially valuable for the treatment of recent traumas, acute...

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CRYO - 7

Cryo 6, The choice of champions In the treatment of sports injuries, including natural (non-drug) therapy of inammation and hematoma, relaxation of muscles, ruptures and pains, cryotherapy is indispensable. Highly effective cryotherapy without the risk of cold burns – the result of years of extensive experience and research in therapeutic performance. Precise and dynamic cryotherapy Cryo 6 allows for a handfree operation, providing the possibility for parallel applications and treatments such as mobilisation, joint manipulation or muscle relaxation. The small nozzles concentrate the...

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CRYO - 8

Technical Data Power Supply Power Consumption in Stand-by Treatment Tube Length Housing Dimensions Therapy Air-flow 6 programs combining air flow and treatment time 3 user defined programs 1 favorite user defined program Set up Menu Service Menu Standard treatment hose Wheel with brake PL57GB | 02.11.2005 | Draft Document | Rights of Modification reserved | Concept and creation: burkert gestaltung, dornstadt/ulm | Photography: Rieger Fotodesign, Geislingen/Steige

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