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High-power laser up to 7000 mW Opton Pro


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High-power laser up to 7000 mW Opton Pro - 2

Laser therapy – natural healing with the power of light Application of high-power light for targeted penetration of high amounts of energy deep into the tissue. Initiates and promotes healing processes in the tissue. Lasers in medicine Energy with precisely defined profile and power is accurately applied and focused. It is used for a wide range of localised problems with tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints and also for the stimulation of wide areas with excellent results. One important use that has become established in physical medicine is efficient pain treatment. OptonPro OptonPro...

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High-power laser up to 7000 mW Opton Pro - 3

Technology without speed limits 7000 mW means sufficient power to reach deeper-lying tissues and to treat areas with high energy in a very short time. 4 diodes, 2 wavelengths The heart of the OptonPro is a laser unit with four simultaneously operating diodes transmitting their energy to an applicator through a flexible fibre optic cable. Laser applicator A laser applicator with an optical lens expands the laser beam to 35° and with direct skin contact provides a treatment area of 0.8 cm². Spacers Two magnetically attached spacers enlarge the treatment area by a defined ratio. Design...

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High-power laser up to 7000 mW Opton Pro - 4

Therapy at the speed of light Application − myofascial trigger points − arthropathies/arthroses − lumbalgia/ischialgia − muscle injuries − pain syndromes − tendinopathies − myopathies − nerve constriction syndromes − neuralgias − sprains − wound healing disorders − skin diseases Modern laser therapy Fixed programmes, custom programmes, recommended treatments in the indication menu combined with simple operation and the extremely high energy output of the OptonPro enable highly effective treatment. Applications using the OptonPro have a noticeable effect on patients during application and...

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High-power laser up to 7000 mW Opton Pro - 5

Technical data OptonPro class IV diode laser with fibre-optic applicator, touch screen user interface, safety functions: emergency off switches and operation by footswitch Laser diodes near infrared range, 4 units in parallel operation, wavelengths: 2 x 810 nm / 2 x 980 nm Emitted power max. 7000 mW (7 W) continuous, unpulsed Treatment field min. 0.8 cm² with small spacer: min. 3.1 cm² with large spacer: min. 9.0 cm² Operating modes continuous wave serial pulse burst single pulse 10 fixed programmes, individually adaptable 120 memory slots for custom programmes 120 memory slots for...

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