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dimmer MfldizjnStariemt? In the icelab you will find a special climate - one found neither on earth nor in space. You can remain at -110°C from one to three minutes. This is possible because at this temperature the air no longer contains moisture and there are no air currents. You do not perceive the cold to be as extreme as it is. There is more: at -110°C the air volume shrinks by 45% compared with room temperature. This means that you inhale almost twice the amount of oxygen per breath. The two antechambers through which you pass without stopping stabilize the temperature and prevent...

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dimmer MedizinSysteme In the icelab the patient experiences immediate pain relief that lasts several hours. This time span is perfect for conducting movement physical therapy and manual treatments. A series of icelab visits, for example, 1-2 times daily with a total of 20-30 visits, is beneficial. It helps to erase the hypersensitive pain memory formed in patients suffering chronic pain, and the central pain sensors are desensitized. Inflammatory processes are inhibited and mobility is improved. Pain mitigation is appreciable and effective for up to one year, accompanied by a reduction in...

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“Whole-body cryotherapy at -110°C for 2.20 minutes leads immediately to a reduction of 0.4°C in the tympanic temperature and of 5.1°C in the skin temperature. Improvements in running time (at 95% of the maximum running speed) of up to 18.6% were obtained in association with whole-body cryotherapy at -110°C. The longer duration of exercise after whole-body cryotherapy at -110°C is accompanied by a significantly lower tympanic temperature, while heart rate, lactate threshold and subjective stress do not differ from the control values.” Prof. Winfried Joch, M.D., University of Münster Sandra...

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The icelab climate affects both body and psyche. The increase in physical performance in combination with a general activation and improvement of psychological profile quickly turn a visit to the icelab into a favorite ritual. The visitor experiences exceptional results in the treatment of: ■ Burn-out syndrome ■ Fatigue and exhaustion ■ Circulatory disorders ■ Depression ■ Sleep disorders Thermal stimuli influence the level of psychophysical activity. High environmental temperatures lead to inertia, lack of interest in exercise, and finally tiredness, weakness, and exhaustion. In contrast,...

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icelab Operation icelab is incredibly simple to use – switch on the light and microphone. The system is controlled automatically using preset operating times. In the standby mode the chamber temperature is returned to -40°C to minimize energy consumption. Chamber de-icing is automated and does not require switching off the chamber. Safety A few limitations on use must be observed while using the icelab, for example, in persons with coronary heart disease, hypertension, Raynaud syndrome. If these contraindications are observed, short-term exposure to cryotherapy in the icelab does not...

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With more than 40 years experience, Zimmer MedizinSysteme is a leading supplier of systems solutions in cardiovascular diagnostics and physical therapy. As a medium-sized company we cultivate a special culture of close relationships with clients and employees. And it is exactly this that makes a decisive difference to our partners. The Company We use our competence and drive to promote human health, and in doing this we take our bearings equally from medical science, modern technology and the user’s needs. We pursue these principles with a wealth of ideas and commitment – and we have been...

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