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PhySys - 2

PhySys Unlimited Therapy at Your Fingertips PhySys Innovative 2-channel electro­ stimulation and multifrequency u ­ ltrasound unit. SysCart function cart and Vaco are ­ ptional. o Outstanding in design, performance and handling

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PhySys - 3

12" Colour Touch Screen A single touch selects and modifies treatments and para- meters. A single view on the colour touch screen provides Advanced technology, user-friendly, with modern design for the benefit of your patients. PhyS/s - effective and comfortable. PhySys offers more than a conventional combined unit. Menu setting: select according to individual preference Favourites: a second memory for your favourite, individual Treatment time: can be preset to accommodate the user 2 channels: TwinStim, DuoStim, Inversion , it's so easy. ..and many more clever functions. PhyS/s, practical...

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PhySys - 4

Ultrasound Therapy New Dimension in Ultrasound Therapy The New Ultrasound Therapy Ultrasound therapy is based on a localised increase in the temperature of deep tissue and on the effect of micro-massage on cell structure. Both features can now be set and dosed individually d ­ epending on the indication. Patent »SonoSwing« Multifrequency heads provide both frequencies (0.8 MHz and 2.4 MHz) simultaneously in parallel with a selected ratio. The user can therefore determine exactly the treatment depth desired. These features enable the therapist to focus the treatment precisely on his or her...

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PhySys - 5

Electrostimulation Unlimited Currents and programmes can be accessed through various displays: either via waveforms, or ­ ffects or a programme selection as in the Galva 5 model. PhySys provides a wide variety of e different ­ rogrammes for modern electrotherapy. p 1 or 2 channels, featuring identical or different programmes in parallel, alternate or individual, with synchronisation or sequences… PhySys offers unlimited possibilities in electrotherapy. Experience 40 years experience at your service: Display of suggested treatments for indications listed alphabetically or by anatomical body...

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PhySys - 6

Patients' Impressions of the Therap - Design promotes wellbeing - High-tech with a human dimensi - Trust in up-to date therapy Pain Therapy PhySys offers a wide variety of currents ranging from TENS to medium frequency detonisation. In addition, ultrasound or classic galvanic currents are available for pain treatment, syndromes For example: head and neck pain, myofascial problems, peripheral and vegetative syndromes, post- operative problems, phantom

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PhySys - 7

Metabolic Increase PhySys has preset exercise programmes for regulating muscle tones, improving muscle function and performance, strengthening slow and fast twitch fibres and i ­ncreasing muscle endurance. Low frequency currents and medium frequency programmes offer any treatment procedure desired. The 2-channel system accommodates every protocol with its free or set parallel / alternate synchronisation. Anything from general muscle weakness to treatment / diagnostics of peripheral paralysis can be treated. Electrotherapy and ultrasound are established applications for increasing metabolism...

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PhySys - 8

PhySys ** 2, completely independent (Intensity and Parameters) Parallel, alternate (agonist-antagonist), separate MonoStim: 1 programme > 1 channel TwinStim: 1 programme > 2 channels DuoStim: 2 different programmes > 2 channels in DuoStim with 3 sequences: warm-up / training / stretching Galv., DD, LF, biphasic, MF, MF/LF, interferential, etc. Effects / Waveform-group / analogue Galva 5 / mixed More than 100 specific programmes Constant current (CC) / constant voltage (CV) 0%, 20%, 50%, at choice Manual / automatic All parameters adjustable Therapy: 20 entries / diagnostic: 20 entries...

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