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SoleoLine - 2

Soleo Sono Soleoline, high-performance A subtle combination of high-tech and 40 years’ experience, Soleoline meets all the demands of modern physiotherapy. Compact Ergonomic High-performance With its large colour touch screen and SD memory card, the Soleoline range is extremely comfortable to use, enabling users to benefit fully from the many applications detailed in its treatment guide. Soleoline is available in 3 versions: ultrasound therapy, electrostimulation and combined therapy.

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SoleoLine - 3

Soleo Sono, innovative ultrasound therapy Treatment Depth Specific programmes The Sono comes with a very high-quality, multi-frequency programmes guarantee fast and easy With Zimmer innovation, the depth of action of the desired effect can be This adjustment can actually be made during the treatment for even greater precision and better therapy. Detailed treatment recommendations are available for the main conditions affecting the locomotor system, individually stored on the SD memory card as an added bonus of the Sono.

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SoleoLine - 4

Soleo Galva Soleoline, user-friendly Soleoline has been designed to meet all your requirements: Speed: Simplicity: Safety: direct access via simple, innovative menus a large, professionally designed touch screen all the treatment parameters are visible at a glance With its intuitive software Soleoline is a real pleasure for practitioners to use. Its elegance and user-friendly design are features of its success.

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SoleoLine - 5

Soleo Galva, modern multi-channel electrostimulation Channel Save Specific programmes "Channel" Menu Individualised treatment Each patient's treatment is individual. All current waveforms, including LF, form of programmes for analgesic therapy, excito-motor stimulation and metabolism stimulation. Clever programme ordering makes it easy to select the right programme. A simple touch gives the user access Fast and simple multi-channel stimulation, an idea from Zimmer! Using the active windows it is now possible to modify or adapt the parameters in a matter of seconds - then store them on the...

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SoleoLine - 6

Soleo SonoStim Soleoline, precision Soleoline puts all the modern tools of high-performance therapy at your disposal. Efficiency : Creativity : Preference : 40 years’ experience concentrated into a detailed treatment guide your modified or individualised treatments simply stored in the memory direct access through the button „favourites“ to your preferred programmes at all times The exceptional performance of Soleoline combined with its simplicity guarantees that practitioners provide excellent treatment for the greater satisfaction of their patients. Less time spent making adjustments,...

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SoleoLine - 7

Soleo SonoStim, a combined device - but so simple! The combination of Sono and Galva The SD memory card allows Quick selection by anatomical region guarantees unparalleled flexibility programmes and individualised 1 or 2 gives access to more than 300 and variety of treatment channel or even combined treatments treatment recommendations for programmes. to be stored. conditions affecting the locomotor In addition to ultrasound therapy and A modern solution enabling system. electrostimulation, SonoStim offers practitioners to utilise the full Myofascial pain is also catered for outstanding...

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SoleoLine - 8

Electrostimulation version Channels Electrostimulation Current types Programmes Specific modules Settings User guide Galva 2 independent channels (programmes, intensities, parameters) Synchronised, Alternate, Separate, Sequential Galv., LF, biphasic, MF, MF/LF, Interferential More than 100 specific programmes Muscle rehabilitation / Sports rehabilitation All modifiable parameters are accessible via the touch screen More than 120 therapeutic indications Combined version General features Programmes User guide SonoStim = Sono + Galva Same features as Sono and Galva More than 110 programmes,...

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