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ThermoPro - 2

ThermoPro – The Principle Short-wave therapy is an electrotherapeutic method of physical medicine in which heat is generated in the tissue by means of highfrequency electrical current. In contrast to heat therapy procedures in which heat is applied from the outside, in short-wave therapy the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy directly in the tissue. The high-frequency electromagnetic field generates eddy currents in the treated tissues, leading to molecular excitations and thus to the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy. A modern shortwave therapy system

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ThermoPro - 3

Shortwave therapy, continuous and pulsed Functionality Simple, clear, and quick to use – fitting in with every practice procedure. Its low weight facilitates mobile usage in any treatment room. Applicator Electrical energy is applied through a flexible applicator that is easy to position. Therapy information Indication-based user information will be provided on request to support your therapy. Expanded range of indications The possibility of applying unpulsed and pulsed energy opens up a wide range of treatment options. Medical effectiveness - Hyperaemia - Muscle relaxation - Metabolism...

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ThermoPro - 4

Patients place value on technologies of the future. ThermoPro inspires confidence. Technical Data Coil field method Output frequency Output power Unpulsed Pulsed Duty cycle Pulse frequency Abmessungen B / T / H (without mounting arm and applicator) Protection class GB 10 102 156 UR 0614 I Version 1 I I Changes possible I Photography: Rieger Fotodesign, Geislingen/Steige Power consumption

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