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Natural healing with the power of light Laser therapy is a treatment with energy-rich light, which introduces high amounts of light into the tissue, thereby stimulating long-term healing in a natural way. Opton is a specially developed laser therapy system for physical medicine. Effective Therapy At 4000 mW, Opton has enough energy and therapeutic effectiveness even for deeper treatment areas. Stimulation of different target sites The simultaneous application of two different wavelengths during a treatment session stimulates both superficial pain receptors and deeper tissue. This opens a...

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Zimmer Opton - 3

A Strong Point of Light for your Pain Therapy Laser applicator Therapy information From the patient’s perspective Opton therapy has proven itself effective for various kinds of pain, inflammation, and traumatic musculoskeletal system conditions. The laser light is applied via a flexible, easy-to-position applicator. Indication-based user information is provided on request to support your therapy. Using Opton in your practice means satisfying patients with an effective procedure that does not stress the body. Opton - always there The small, compact system is ideally suited for mobile use.

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Patients place value on technologies of the future. Opton inspires confidence. Technical Data Output power Treatment area unpulsed, serial pulse, single pulse Operating voltage Power consumption Applied part Type BF in accordance with EN 60601-1 Laser class 4, note special provisions Opton with Move: Opton with MoveSL Picture shows optional accessories Picture shows optional accessories GB 10102165 UR 0614 I Version 1 I Changes possible I Photography: Rieger Fotodesign, Geislingen/Steige Laser diodes

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