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Zimmer Natural Nail System

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Zimmer® Natural Nail™ System

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Taking IM nailing to the next level The Zimmer® Natural Nail™ System is a next generation system of intramedullary nails that is designed to help restore the shape of the fractured long bone to its natural, pre-injured state. The comprehensive system comprises intuitive instrumentation and a large choice of anatomical implants. The nails feature versatile locking hole options including the new Zimmer StabiliZe Technology. With the Zimmer Natural Nail System surgeons have the opportunity to achieve stable internal fixation on a wide range of patients and fracture patterns as well as to...

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Anatomical fit • Bows in femoral nails correspond to nail length, reflecting the anterior femoral bow relative to patient height • Nail tips are designed to help the passage of the nail through the medullary canal • Left and right versions available for antegrade femur and cephalomedullary nails • Fluted design moderates stiffness and facilitates easier nail placement Enhanced fixation, even in poor bone quality • Exclusive Zimmer StabiliZe Technology links the nail to interlocking screws to create an advanced construct. This interface helps secure the nail, which aids in controlling...

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Intuitive instruments encourage consistency and accuracy • Specific color coding system for each nail type, instrument size, drill and screw diameter makes use of the system intuitive • Ergonomic handles for control during implant placement • Flexible and curved instruments which facilitate the clinical approach • Simplified technique requires no extra steps for Zimmer Stabilize Technology freehand screws

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Cephalomedullary Nails Long Nail • Versatile distal hole options with Zimmer Stabilize Technology • Anatomic anterior bows varying with the nail length ■ 30-34 cm - 1.3 m ■ 36-40 cm - 1.4 m ■ 42-48 cm - 1.5 m • 4° proximal lateralization angle and 15° anteversion • Spiral flutes moderate stiffness and facilitate nail placement • Anterior bevel on tip • Left and right versions available to fit the medullary canal • 15.5 mm proximal head minimizes the diameter of the required opening hole Short Nail • Anterior bow radius - 1.3 m • Clothes pin tip to help reduce stress • 4° proximal...

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Tibial Nails • Versatile hole options with the Zimmer StabiliZe Technology to treat a wide range of injuries, including very proximal and very distal fractures • Guides allow for nailing in both extension and flexion • Specific screw trajectories to help capture best quality bone (first screw descends with joint, second screw ascends towards joint) • Very proximal Herzog bend (10°) to help facilitate nail entry • Distal bow ~2° to help facilitate nail entry and distal fit • 90-90 distal construct to provide rotational stability

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Antegrade Femoral Nails • Versatile hole options with the Zimmer StabiliZe Technology to treat a wide range of injuries, including very proximal and very distal fractures • Recon or interlocking options • 15° of anteversion for recon screws • Anatomic anterior bows varying with the nail length · 24–34 cm — 1.3 m · 36–42 cm — 1.4 m · 44–48 cm — 1.5 m • Specific nails for different entry points (greater trochanter and piriformis fossa) • Greater Trochanter nail has 3.1° lateralization Retrograde Femoral Nails • Versatile hole options with the Zimmer StabiliZe Technology to treat a wide range...

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This documentation is intended exclusively for physicians and is not intended for laypersons. Information on the products and procedures contained in this document is of a general nature and does not represent and does not constitute medical advice or recommendations. Because this information does not purport to constitute any diagnostic or therapeutic statement with regard to any individual medical case, each patient must be examined and advised individually, and this document does not replace the need for such examination and/or advice in whole or in part. Please refer to the package...

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