Zimmer Universal Power System Surgical Instruments - 4 Pages

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Zimmer Universal Power System Surgical Instruments

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Zimmer® Universal Power System UNIVERSAL batter y/electric Personal Fit. Renewed Life™

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Zimmer® Universal Power System Electric/Battery Handpieces Compact Battery Charger 89-8510-421-00 ATK Housing 89-8510-440-10 ATK Battery Pack 89-8510-440-20 Single Trigger Handpiece 89-8507-400-10 Electronic Power System 89-8510-420-10 Double Trigger Handpiece 89-8507-400-00 Pneumatic Handpiece Double Trigger Handpiece 89-8507-405-00

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Zimmer® Universal Power System Sawing Oscillating Saw 89-8509-450-60 Reciprocating Saw 89-8509-451-20 Reaming Coupling Radiolucent Drill Adapter 89-8509-461-20 Small AO 1000 rpm 89-8509-410-20 Zimmer/Hudson 1000 rpm 89-8509-415-80 Modular AO Coupling 89-8509-460-10 Modular Small AO Coupling 89-8509-460-20 Modular Harris Coupling 89-8509-460-30 Modular Zimmer Coupling 89-8509-460-70 Modular Hudson Coupling 89-8509-460-40 Modular Trinkle Coupling 89-8509-460-50 Modular Keyless Chuck 89-8509-460-90

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Ordering Information Battery Components Prod. No. 89-8510-421-00 89-8510-440-10 89-8510-440-20 89-8510-440-30 Description Electric/Battery Double Trigger Handpiece Electric/Battery Single Trigger Handpiece Pneumatic Double Trigger Handpiece Description Compact Battery Charger ATK Housing ATK Battery Pack ATK Funnel Electric Components Prod. No. Description 89-8510-420-10 Electronic Power System 89-8510-420-20 Sterilizable Cord for Electronic Power System Power Cords for Battery Charger and Electric Power System Prod. No. Description 89-8510-421-01 Power Cord US 89-8510-421-02 Power Cord UK...

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