Zimmer® XtraFix® External Fixation System Large and Small - 6 Pages

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Zimmer® XtraFix® External Fixation System Large and Small

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Zimmer® XtraFix® External Fixation System Large and Small Build Rigid Constructs Faster Personal Fit. Renewed Life '.

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Maximum efficiency is the design philosophy. The XtraFix® External Fixation System allows surgeons to build rigid constructs, using fewer components, in less time. 3-D Bar/Bar and Bar/Pin Clamps • Independent pin placement in three dimensions • Pins can be placed where the fracture - not fixator - dictates • Large 11mm system offers 80° of motion and Small 6mm system offers 70° • Flexible configurations means constructs require fewer components SwivLoc Technology • Facilitates provisional fracture reduction by allowing Bars to snap into Clamps • Bars will not pop-off clamps dur

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XtraFix Large 11mm Multi-Pin Efficiency Clamps 45mm and 75mm Multi-Pin Efficiency Clamps replace five traditional components with one, eliminating the need for connecting posts and additional clamps. 45mm Pin Clamp, 2-Bar • Five parts in one: replaces 1 x45mm Multi-Pin Clamp, 2 x Bar-to-Bar Clamps, and 2 x Posts • Requires tightening of one nut versus six nuts with the traditional five components 75mm Pin Clamp, 2-Bar • The 75mm, 2-Bar Clamp allows the Pins to be locked independently from the Bars • The nuts above each jaw also independently lock each Bar Clamp, one at a time XtraFix Small...

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Efficiency Constructs Ankle-Spanning Construct (dropfoot) • Single Transfixing Pin, Metatarsal Pin(s), 1 Multi-Pin Efficiency Clamp, 3 Bars and 4 Pin-to-Bar Clamps • Two 1-Bar Multi-Pin Efficiency Clamps, 4 Pins and Bar • The Metatarsal Pins can be connected with either an 11mm or 6mm Bar depending on surgeon preference. A pivoting, swivel bar attachment allows for an easy connection to a single bar and also provides flexible pin placement. Knee-Spanning Construct Pelvic Construct (Ischium Spine) • 2 Multi-Pin Efficiency Clamps, 2 Bars and 4 Pins • Two 6mm (green) Pins, Pin-to-Bar Clamps,...

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Universal Compatibility The XtraFix Large 11mm and Small 6mm Systems can easily be connected to one another via a single Clamp. The Large 11mm Pin/Bar Clamp is the transitional component that allows surgeons to accommodate small extremity fractures in large constructs. Pins and Drills • All XtraFix Pins, Drills, Trocars and Tissue Protectors are color coded for easy identification • Step up feature allows Pins in each system to be used with all the Clamps in their respective systems All XtraFix Pins and Instruments are color coded for easy identification. Pins are made of high strength...

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XtraFix Large 11mm System Non-clinical testing has demonstrated the XtraFix Large 11mm System with glass fiber bars only is MR Conditional. It can be scanned safely under the following conditions: • Static magnetic field of 1.5 or 3 Tesla, • Spatial gradient field of 1500 Gauss/ cm or less, • Maximum whole body averaged specific absorption rate (WB SAR) of 2.0 W/kg for 15 minutes of scanning in a 1.5 or 3 Tesla scanner, • Normal operating mode only, • All bars in the external fixation construct should be glass-fiber/epoxy bars. Testing of the XtraFix Large 11mm System with bars other than...

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