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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 1

German engineering under high pressure Over 25 years of experience as a manufacturer of sterilizers, autoclaves and lyophilization systems for laboratories, production and research

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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 2

Production-scale autoclaves Chamber volumes between 586 and 5,060 liters Safe operation, easy to use, reliable performance Areas of application • Pharmaceutical industry for GMP-compliant sterilization of final products • SPF animal facilities for sterilizing cages containing litter and food • Food manufacturers for sterilizing basic materials Technical specifications / features • Highly robust, energy-efficient sterilization chamber • May be installed in recessed areas for loading at ground level • GMP-compliant design that meets FDA requirements • Hot-water sprinkling method • Inline...

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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 3

Floor-standing autoclaves Chamber volumes between 72 and 900 liters Short cycle times, lower media consumption, reproducible results Areas of application • Medium-sized and large laboratories, for waste disposal. Also suitable in level S2 laboratories. • Level S3 laboratories, as a pass-through model with gas-tight separation • Pharmaceutical companies, for sterilizing auxiliaries used in production • In production, for sterilizing final products such as contact lenses • Surgical centers and hospitals, for sterilizing instruments, laundry, etc. Technical specifications / features •...

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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 4

Laboratory autoclaves Chamber volumes between 25 and 200 liters The solution for your laboratory sterilization needs Areas of application • In the lab, for sterilizing basic materials such as agar • For sterilizing solid and liquid waste up to safety level S2, and up to safety level S3 for pass-through units • As a stand-alone solution in a large laboratory, for sterilizing small amounts of materials quickly and cost-effectively Technical specifications / features • Touchscreen for easy, intuitive operation • Steam generator integrated into the housing and independent of the...

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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 5

Wash water sterilizers Useable volume of 60 liters The ideal solution for microbial inactivation in wash water • Touchscreen for graphic display • Integrated batch documentation printer • Documentation and control software via PC • RJ45 Ethernet interface for PC hookup • Windows software for process documentation • Eye wash • Up to 2 sinks • Wastewater lifting uni High-pressure autoclaves Volumes between 50 and 5,000 liters, up to 200 bar Pressure vessel certified by the TUV technical inspection association and made in Germany For use in vulcanization, lamination, curing processes, aging...

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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 6

ServTec services The pillars of our outstanding services are reliability, employee training, and a commitment to service. We offer full service options throughout the world, with quick response times that vary according to the distances involved. We provide the following services: • Equipment and system planning • Delivery, installation and startup • Training and user orientation • Maintenance work/contracts • Repairs performed either on site or at our Bad Grund facility • Recurring inspections • VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) testing,...

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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 7

Production-scale lyophilizers Shelf area up to 50 m2 and capacity for 800 kg of ice Technical specifications / features • Variable shelf clearances and shelf sizes (for a shelf area of up to 50 m2) • Round and rectangular drying chambers up to 5 m3 in volume • Dual chamber systems with separation valve • Fold-down and sliding doors, “pizza oven” style loading door • Materials made of 304, 316TI and 316L grade stainless steel • Compressor and/or liquid N2 cooling to -150°C • Ice condensers up to 800 kg/24h, solvent condensers • Steam sterilization (SIP) • Automatic cleaning (CIP) • Air locks...

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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 8

Sublimator series pilot equipmentShelf space of up to 2.4 m2 Putting you on the path to production Technical specifications / features • Stainless steel shelves with liquid temperature control for freezing directly in the instrument and for drying • Uniform temperature distribution +/-1°C throughout the process • Reproducible processes • Integrated vacuum pump • Industrial PLC control system with touch panel • Formulations can be programmed as desired • Vacuum control • GMP version • Documentation and visualization software PLC with 5.7” color touch panel, capacity for 10 programs, runs...

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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 9

VaCo series laboratory lyophilizer 2 - 10 liter ice capacity Three basic units and a modular system form the basis for a variety of uses, either as a laboratory lyophilizer or as a pilot or production system. The basic element is the ice condenser with a capacity for 3 to 12 kg of ice. All laboratory lyophilizers are equipped with a microprocessor control unit and an automatic lyophilization program. Technical specifications / features • Condenser volume: • Condenser temperature: • Ice capacity: • Max. ice capacity: • Cooling system: • Electrical connection:

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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 10

Rotary dryers Volumes of up to 5 m3 Lyophilization in motion • Customized production in the 2 - 500 kg range • For producing lyophilized pellets, even under sterile conditions Technical specifications / features • Rotary chambers with volumes of up to 5 m3 • Directly flanged to condenser, temperatures as low as -150°C • Dual chamber system with separation valve • Steam sterilizable (SIP), CIP cleaning • Materials made of 316TI and 316L grade stainless steel • Solvent condensers • Infrared heating system • Process visualization • Explosion-proof design • GMP-compliant design •...

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ZIRBUS Product Overview - 11

Vacuum drying cabinets and vacuum dryers Chamber volumes of up to 5,000 liters Technical specifications / features • Customized production in the 50 - 5,000 L chamber volume range • Round or rectangular drying chambers • Shelves heated electrically or with liquid temperature control • Condensers • Vacuum generators • Explosion-proof design as defined in ATEX Directive 94/9/EC • Special solutions Centrifugal vacuum dryer (vacuum concentrator) up to 18 sample positions Can concentrate samples on a production scale (4 - 18 sample positions in an 86 x 128 mm rack). Technical specifications /...

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