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Confidence Comes with Knowing

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The First and Only Code-Ready Defibrillator The worst time to find out a defibrillator isn’t ready is notify and alert users and technical staff about problems at the code. Quick action is essential. Stress is before they affect your ability to provide care. Should high enough without delays from problems like lost or something need to be corrected, it turns on the display tangled cables, and outdated or missing electrodes and shows an alert that the defibrillator needs attention. don’t help speed therapy either. Unfamiliar or An email will be sent to clinical and technical staff so...

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OneStep Simplicity Comprehensive Readiness Checks Smart Tools There has never been a truly Code-Ready defibrillator. Until now. R Series from ZOLL.® Unmatched Clinical Excellence CPR Dashboard featuring Real CPR Help

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OneStep Simplicity Simple, ingenious solutions that simplify and speed operation under the most stressful circumstances. That’s Code-Ready. OneStep® Cable Manager See-Thru CPR® Preconnected OneStep electrodes for monitoring, pacing, cardioversion, defibrillation, with Real CPR Help® built in. Small, lightweight, grab-and-go handle, simplifies portability.

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The OneStep System delivers therapy to patients with the simplest, easiest method ever designed. • A single cable pacing, monitoring, and defibrillation without the need for Readiness * Monitor, pace, defibrillate, and get Real CPR Help and See-Thru CPR, Indicator using only one type of electrode. Electrodes are pre-connected and are automatically tested for an expiration date. • A unique tube stores the cable for rapid, tangle-free application. • Apply electrodes, turn the R Series to "Pacer," and you are ready to Defibrillation provide pacing. • Operating options include AED, advisory,...

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Unmatched Clinical Excellence Pacing Capture Rates 100 Being ready also means having the best is built on an industry-leading pacing technology and unsurpassed biphasic waveform. technology available for resuscitation. R Series Other Pacing That’s Code-Ready. • ZOLL Pacing U nique, constant-current 40 msec pacing has the highest capture rate at the lowest average current required, assuring efficacy and patient comfort. Validated in over 4000 patients in Current Required to Obtain Capture H igh Current Rectilinear Biphasic™ waveform delivers the highest constant current at the optimal...

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Real CPR Help Good CPR is critical for effective resuscitation, so feedback to provide better CPR performance is standard on the R Series. That’s Code-Ready. • asy to use, the CPR sensor is incorporated in the E electrodes, eliminating extra steps or cables. he integrated CPR sensor provides help to achieve T proper compression rate, depth and release. onfigurable visual and audio cues give feedback C without excessive prompts or screen clutter. eal time rate, depth and release are displayed with R each compression. he Prefusion Performance Index (PPI) provides rapid T visualization of...

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Smart Tools Better training and better maintenance can both help staff be better prepared for a code. R Series has Biomedical and asset management software utilities brings a complete suite of tools to help with training and efficiency to maintenance programs and reduces the deliver cost-effective maintenance, support, and efficient hidden costs of defibrillator ownership. asset management. That’s Code-Ready. Clinical Education and Quality Comprehensive tools support training and operation. • Smart prompts provide users with specific guidance rather than mindless alarms. • An on-screen...

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