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Simple. Smart. Ready. Whatever your needs, whoever responds.

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Code-Ready Means More Than Ever for Hospitals. The R Series® brings Simple, Smart, and Ready defibrillation to hospitals. With three models to chose from and many options, Code Readiness is possible for every hospital department seeking advanced resuscutiation and cost-effectiveness. R Series BLS – A simple-to-use, one-button AED that offers basic CPR feedback for depth and rate. The BLS converts to a manual defibrillator with optional pacing and SpO2 at the touch of a button. R Series ALS – A sophisticated yet easy-to-use manual defibrillator with full networking capability, advanced...

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The R Series BLS Simplicity that Helps Save Lives. Early defibrillation is critical to resuscitation success, but if a shock is delayed because the frontline staff is reluctant to deliver a shock, it’s not likely to happen quickly.1 At the same time, installing an AED designed for a layperson means you will need to change defibrillators and possibly cables and electrodes in order to provide ALS care, thus losing critical time to treatment. Not so with the R Series. The R Series BLS shows first responders a simple, one-button AED interface. When the Code Team arrives, a member can simply...

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Solutions Extend to Specialized Situations. o R Series is the first device to provide a pediatric electrode with a built-in CPR sensor to help when performing CPR on a child. o Because children are not small adults, all the R Series defibrillators feature a pediatric analysis algorithm that is activated when OneStep™ Pediatric CPR Electrodes are attached. The energy is automatically lowered to a safer energy setting, and the waveform analysis accounts for the differences in pediatric physiology and waveform morphology. o In the ALS mode, all R Series defibrillators provide an “ANALYZE”...

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The R Series ALS Advanced Capabilities for Experienced Users. The R Series ALS continues to meet the needs of ALS providers the world over, and additional features and parameters are being added on a regular basis. Wi-Fi capability is now available. With the addition of a wireless card, R Series can download and transmit code data wirelessly with just the push of a button. Also available is Defibrillator Dashboard™, an optional software program that can further reduce your total cost of ownership. Defibrillator Dashboard will automatically notify clinical engineering if a defibrillator is...

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The R Series Plus Simplicity, Sophistication, and Technological Superiority—All in a Single Defibrillator. The R Series Plus is unmatched. It’s truly two units in one, designed specifically for the hospital environment. Unlike the entry-level R Series BLS, the Plus is ready now to use all the parameters and tools available for the R Series ALS. Standard Wi-Fi capability allows simple capture of monitoring and code data. And wireless capability, combined with Defibrillator Dashboard software, enables remote troubleshooting to ensure code readiness and simplify recordkeeping. BLS-trained...

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Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership. Defibrillators are widely dispersed, infrequently used, and can require significant amounts of preventive maintenance and monitoring. Now ZOLL has tackled this problem for hospitals: o R Series units perform a daily automated self-test of over 100 parameters, including the 30-joule shock test— without operator intervention and while the electrodes remain connected. It will even detect expired electrodes. o WiFi capability allows download of defibrillator records automatically. When paired with CodeNet® or RescueNet® Code Review electronic code...

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Giving New Meaning to Standardization. Maintaining operator skills is a real challenge. At the ­­­­­Standardized Accessories moment of crisis, there’s no time for mistakes. ZOLL Grabbing the wrong cable or paddles can result in raises the concept of standardization to new levels. unnecessary delays and stress. Accessories are common Standardization with ZOLL doesn’t mean buying only one model or buying two or more dissimilar models from one manufacturer. We offer true product line standardization where it counts. OneStep™ CPR Internal Lithium-Ion Electrodes Stat-padz ® Paddles Handles...

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