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ResQCPR™ System ZOLL Better Blood Flow. Improved Survival.

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A major clinical study showed a in one - year survival from 1 cardiac arrest. The ResQCPRTM System is a CPR adjunct consisting of two synergistic devices—the ResQPOD® ITD 16 and the ResQPUMP® ACD-CPR Device. Used together, these devices improve blood flow to the brain and vital organs, and have been show to increase the likelihood of survival.1,2 Better Blood Flow The ResQCPR System has been shown in a pre-clinical study to provide near-normal blood flow to the brain during cardiac arrest.3 And, the device combination has been shown in a clinical study to provide near-normal systolic and...

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ResQCPR System - 4

Unique Device Synergy– Improved Likelihood of Survival The ResQCPR System is consists of two synergistic devices – the ResQPOD impedance threshold device (ITD) 16 and the ResQPUMP Active Compression-Decompression CPR (ACD-CPR) Device. The ResQPOD regulates airflow during the chest wall recoil phase of CPR to enhance the vacuum in the patient’s chest. This results in more blood being returned to the heart (preload) and a lowering of intracranial pressure (ICP).2 The ResQPUMP further increases blood return by actively re-expanding the chest to further enhance negative pressure. It is the only...

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ResQCPR System - 5

Backed by Research The combination of ACD-CPR with an ITD (ResQCPR) has been studied in 5 clinical trials and more than 35 pre-clinical studies. A summary of data from three of these studies is provided below. Near-Normal Blood Pressure with ResQCPR Near-Normal Blood Flow to the Brain with ResQCPR ResQCPR System Pre-clinical Data Increased Survival at One Year with ResQCPR 49% IMPROVEMENT ResQCPR System Based upon study results, the ResQCPR System could save thousands of lives each year in the US S-CPR: standard CPR et al. Circulation. 2000;101:989-994. 5Pirrallo, et al. Resuscitation....

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ResQCPR System - 6

The Novel Physiology of IPR Therapy The ResQCPR System is a CPR adjunct of two devices – the ResQPOD ITD 16 and the ResQPUMP ACD -CPR Device. Used together, these devices increase blood flow to the brain and vital organs, and have been shown to increase one-year survival by 49%.1,2 Conventional CPR – Limited Blood Flow CHEST COMPRESSION Airway Pressures CHEST WALL RECOIL Ventilation Chest Compression creates POSITIVE PRESSURE that produces CARDIAC OUTPUT Chest Wall Recoil generates NEGATIVE PRESSURE that refills the heart, creating PRELOAD CPR with ResQPOD® ITD – More Blood Circulated CHEST...

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ResQCPR System - 7

Intrathoracic pressure regulation (IPR) therapy involves enhancing the negative pressure in the chest to optimize blood flow to vital organs when perfusion is compromised. During cardiac arrest, IPR therapy is provided by the ResQPOD ITD and the ResQPUMP ACD - CPR Device. These devices are uniquely designed to leverage the body’s own physiology to provide Perfusion on Demand. FIGURE 1 Conventional CPR – Limited Blood Flow Even though high-quality CPR has been shown to increase survival, it only provides 25-40% of normal blood flow to the heart and brain.7 Limited blood flow is due in part...

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ResQCPR System - 8

Key Features and Benefits • Only CPR device with an FDA-approved indication for improved likelihood of survival • Only CPR device FDA-approved to provide ACD-CPR with 10 kg of re-expansion force • Promotes High Quality CPR by providing guidance on critical ResQCPR quality parameters (e.g. compression and lifting forces, compression and ventilation rates) • Easy to learn, and simple to use • Compact, lightweight, and easy to store • Can be used by both basic and advanced life support personnel • Ideal first line therapy option that complements automated CPR • Comprehensive training resources...

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