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Thermogard® XP - 1

T*rgcl Temp Your Choice,

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Thermogard® XP - 2

Precisely the Because patients, clinical scenarios, and protocols differ, If you choose to cool to 36°C, TGXP ensures that the patient does not the choice of target temperature become febrile and that temperature is consistently controlled within is based on achieving the best outcome for each individual Temperature over Time: Arctic Sun vs TGXP patient. Reduce the risk of missing ARCTIC SUN: Maximum variation from target temperature: 2.0°C (36.1°C-38.1°C) your target with Thermogard XP® TGXP: Maximum variation from target temperature: 0.5°C (36.7°C-37.2°C) (TGXP). Whether you cool to 36°C...

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Thermogard® XP - 3

Right Choice COOL TO 33°C Patients reach target temperature If you choose to cool to 33°, TGXP ensures that target temperature is quickly and accurately with TGXP.3,6 quickly reached and maintained with unmatched accuracy.3,6 And core temperature is easily and reliably maintained because TGXP constantly monitors the patient and Temperature over Time: Arctic Sun vs TGXP ARCTIC SUN: 95% Confidence Interval (32.5°C-34.5°C) automatically adjusts to the selected TGXP: 95% Confidence Interval (32.9°C-33.1°C) target temperature. "MAX" M d "MAX" Mode: cool patient quickly Hours of Cooling Based on...

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Thermogard® XP - 4

Providing Access to Unparalleled Patient Care

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Thermogard® XP - 5

Streamlining Your Workflow Because it cools from the inside out, TGXP offers unrestricted patient access. And thanks to intelligent design, it integrates seamlessly into your workflow. • TGXP reduces nursing workload by 43% compared with surface cooling methods.10 Unlike surface methods, there are no pad leaks or soiled pads to change. No other catheter is needed. To maximize efficiency and optimize patient care, the TGXP system has a triple-lumen catheter. Use the same catheter for temperature management, medication delivery, blood draws, and venous pressure monitoring. INTEGRATION...

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Thermogard® XP - 6

Central to ZOLL's TGXP system is its ability to cool and warm patients from the core. Intuitive and easy to use, it consists of the Thermogard XP console and a multiballoon heat-exchange catheter. Cool or warm saline circulates through the catheter in a closed loop, quickly cooling or warming the patient as venous blood passes over the balloons, without infusing saline into the patient. Important data lower patient alarm limits Toggle between RGET TEMP Target Temp Rate Deg/ Hr Press for Menu / Ente Visual alarm Clearly visible Control mode, target warming rate Full patient data: Track...

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Thermogard® XP - 7

management with medication delivery and the other critical care elivery functions of a standard central venous catheter. Insert the catheter in enous Cool Line ® Catheter ZOLL's patented catheter design combines precise temperature Quattro® Catheter A Direct Line to Advanced Care ed place of a triple-lumen central venous catheter and provide temperature enous e management with just one catheterization. terization. To meet patient needs, ZOLL offers three cooling/heating catheters that ers vary by insertion site—internal jugular, subclavian, or femoral—and ugular, cooling power. Catheter...

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Thermogard® XP - 8

TGXP Is Precisely the Right Ch oice Central Venous Catheter (CVC) Additional: Separate CVC required Integrated: CVC integral to ZOLL Requirement catheter design 1 Mayer SA, et al. Critical Care Medicine. 2004;[3]21 2:2508-2515. 2 DiringerMN, et al. Critical Care Medicine. 2004;[32]2:559-564. 3 Hoedemaebrs CW, et al. Critical Care. 2007; 1 1 :R91 . ^ Horn CM, et al. Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery. 201 4 Mar;6(2):91-95. 7 Tomte O, et al. Critical Care Medicine. 201 1 ;39[3]:443-449. 3 Carhuapoma JR, et al. Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology. 2003; 15(4]:313-31 8 9 COOL-ARREST JP:...

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