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X Series® - 1

Extensive Capabilities

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X Series® - 2

Transporting Patients throughout the Hospital Requires the Right Equipment

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X Series® - 3

Full Featured yet Compact When transporting critically ill patients, you want a monitor that is lightweight with extensive monitoring capabilities. In the event your patient arrests during transport, you also need a defibrillator. Now you can have all of these features—plus realtime feedback—in one compact device. The X Series® helps you get your patients where they need to go safely. The X Series is a full-featured monitor/defibrillator, yet it weighs less than 12 pounds. It’s one of the smallest, lightest full-featured units available. Designed to be used with patients of all ages, its...

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X Series® - 4

The Perfect Monitor for Transport X Series Display four waveforms of your choice simultaneously, including a 12-lead ECG for on-screen review. One display option is large numerical values for easy readability. And if needed, you can perform high-quality CPR with confidence thanks ™ to CPR Dashboard. Visual Alarm Indicator Masimo® rainbow® SET Pulse CO-Oximetry Welch Allyn NIBP with Sure BP® and SmartCuf® Oridion Microstream® Capnography Quick-access keys The preconnected OneStep™ Resuscitation Electrodes enable Real CPR Help® and are used for monitoring, pacing, and defibri

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X Series® - 5

SurePowerTM II High-Capacity Li-Ion Battery WiFi Connection Icon Ready-for-Use Indicator Dynamic and Static 12-lead View 12-lead on screen or analysis results and real-time ECG simultaneously. 4-Trace Capability Simultaneously display up to four waveforms. Choose from ECG, SpO2, Microstream® etCO2, IBP, CPR, or cascading the ECG. Masimo® rainbow® SET SpO2/SpCO ®/SpMet ® Accurate measurements of oxygen saturation, carbon monoxide, and methemoglobin are assured. Unequaled CPR Support CPR Dashboard displays CPR quality in real time, and See-Thru CPR® can reduce the duration of pauses. More...

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X Series® - 6

One Device for Even Your Smallest Patients

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X Series® - 7

Unmatched CPR Support Inspires Confidence Advanced Monitoring Technology Should your patient require CPR during transit, most complete monitoring solutions available, you’ll have unmatched support that only ZOLL can including Welch Allyn’s NIBP technology, Masimo® offer. CPR Dashboard™ displays real-time measures SET® pulse oximetry, and Oridion’s Microstream® that drive high-quality CPR. You can see if your etCO2. The advanced capabilities of the X Series compressions are of proper depth and rate and also include the ability to measure arterial, venous, whether you’re releasing quickly...

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X Series® - 8

Easy Data Transfer The X Series also features See-Thru CPR®, unique to Once the patient has been safely returned to the ICU, ZOLL. See-Thru CPR filters out compression artifact all vital sign and trend data can be seamlessly so that the patient’s underlying heart rhythm can uploaded to the ZOLL RescueNet® suite of products be displayed during CPR. By enabling the rescuer and ultimately your EMR. Should a cardiac to visualize the underlying rhythm, this technology event take place during transport, code data is minimizes the duration of pauses in compressions. available for documentation,...

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